Top Tips for Finding the Best Art Consultancy

    When purchasing art, it’s understandable that you may feel overwhelmed, especially if it’s your first time delving into this big new world. So it’s no surprise that many purchasers, especially first-timers, hire a professional art consultant to help select perfect pieces for their home, office, hotel, or anywhere else they want to fill with beautiful works of art. Before getting into buying, there are many considerations that are worth mulling over to clarify what you want before deciding who you want. A personal art consultant often requires a contract and decent financial outlay, so it’s important to be sure they are the right fit before signing on the dotted line. Peruse the questions below to get started. 

    Do they have a specific philosophy for design?

    Every art consultant has a particular point of view, and some will cite the personal philosophy they bring. For example, one may prefer to select pieces that match an existing space, while others primarily focus on something unique and exciting to make dramatic statements. Being aware of the prospective consultant’s style upfront gives you the opportunity to decide if your visions align and will result in a healthy and productive working relationship.

    Have they worked with a similar client before with similar needs?

    A certified professional art consultant should, in theory, be able to work with any purchase requirements, provide advice and insight, help with selection, guide the pieces’ placement in any space, and manage hanging the pieces on the wall, including tasteful framing and installation where required. Ensure from the start that your art consultant can handle that, and if in doubt, ask for a track record or references before commencement. This will save so many headaches that may wait further down the road. 

    Will they have sufficient time for your project?

    A good art consultant works closely with their client, particularly on set timelines, so it’s important to discover early on if your schedules mesh. This is of even more importance if there are multiple decision-makers involved in your project to avoid any unnecessary delays. Ideally, everyone involved in the art acquisition will meet in person with any prospective consultant so all can give input on the candidates. This approach means no one will feel surprised by the final selection, which may lead to team dysfunction later on. 

    What are the service costs involved?

    Art consultant pricing can vary wildly across the industry, as does the expense of each individual work of art. A consultant’s price may vary between adding to a private collection compared with an office or corporate space or larger scale commission. Understanding all costs upfront and if they align with your overall budget will be crucial when choosing a consultant. Some professionals charge hourly. Others provide packages with all the inclusions from the initial consultation to hanging and installation. Check what they are from the start so you can relax about that aspect when it comes to the fun of selecting your artwork.

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