Why It’s Important to Clean Student Accommodation Regularly

    Students are often reputed to live in a mess with many unhealthy and less than sanitary habits. While we would like to put this down to simply an unfortunate stereotype, often there is more than a kernel of truth to it. Many students are leaving the safety nest of mum and dad’s home for the very first time when they head off to uni, meaning most don’t necessarily have the know-how or any experience taking care of their own living space and themselves. Even those who do may throw their good habits to the wind when parties, study, and new-found freedom collide in the chaos usually associated with university commencement. It is, however, essential to keep on top of student accommodation cleaning, especially in spaces where multiple people share, for both mental and physical health. So, what are the main advantages of keeping student accommodation clean and tidy?

    Keeping Healthy

    This is by a long way, the most important part of the list and while it seems completely obvious, it’s not always the first thing that springs to mind. However, health and hygiene can often be overlooked for more pressing concerns on a student’s schedule. For example, a space that is not cleaned and allowed to gather dirt and grime is also a breeding ground for dangerous bacteria like E.Coli and Salmonella or an assortment of viruses, including COVID that can be passed on surfaces. All across the board, bacteria and viruses can knock an entire household down in one fell swoop. These are commonly spread from a dirty kitchen or bathroom, which are also incidentally two of the busiest and most used places in a house. This means illnesses can quickly spread between occupants and also visitors. Add to that the stress of studying, which already has a mental health impact, compounded by living in a mess. Plus, there are bound to be frequent nights out, which will put young immune systems under pressure. On top of that, a dirty house becomes a recipe for disaster, causing all factors to collide and creating emotional, mental, and physical health challenges. Some of these can be avoided by keeping student accommodation clean.

    Productivity Increase and Feeling Organised

    Student life can be incredibly hectic, with one thing or another constantly pulling at attention and energy that there’s just not enough hours in the day for. This can feel even worse if the living space meant to be a sanctuary is messy and disorganised. A chaotic environment is not conducive to a clear mind that can focus on study, making it easy to get distracted, overwhelmed and generally feel like it’s all too much. Cleaning, conversely, can create a lighter space known to help the mind focus, leading to better study habits, more productivity, and ultimately a feeling that whatever university throws, anything is achievable. Organisation leads to productivity and better habits, which will help students gain good grades. 

    Sleep More Soundly

    Sleep is a vital element for good emotional, mental, and physical health that can be impacted by a dirty and messed up living space. Perhaps dust mites and allergens cause a sore throat and coughing at night, or maybe a smell is pungent enough to wake you up. There may also be night-time noise from flatmates trying to find something in a messy kitchen, trip hazards on a bathroom visit in the dark, and generally just feeling like life is chaotic and unmanageable. None of this is suitable for a healthy amount of rest and could keep you awake at night. To get on top of this, a good and thorough clean maintained regularly can make a huge difference to sleep habits and the amount of rest you get. It also has an ongoing impact on school performance and getting through exams, assignments, classes and all the way through to graduation. Sleep is key, so don’t let a messy space get in the way. 

    Book A Regular or Deep Clean For Your Student Accommodation

    Cleanliness is vital for so many reasons for every space, but as you can see above, there are many additional benefits to ensuring student accommodation is kept clean and tidy. Even little adjustments towards a more organised and sanitary environment can significantly change student work and living spaces, leading to better performance and grades. When you need help with either a regular clean or a deep cleaning service, contact J&I Cleaning London. Our expert team can help with every aspect of student dorm and accommodation cleaning to provide peace of mind that professionals are on your side.

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