Art in the digital world

    Many people will have heard, but not fully understood, about NFTs. These assets can represent genuine works of art that can be sold as if they were a traditional painting, and are also proof against theft or any of the other problems that can occur with a physical work of art that we are used to seeing and owning.

    However, it is not only NFTs that give artists free rein, there are also real artists in more digital professions, such as illustrators for websites or web designers. Although sometimes these works are not appreciated as they should be or are undervalued in many cases, most of them are based on concepts that we can find in the best paintings in the world.

    Maximum reality online animations

    There are some sectors where one of the ways to make your product stand out from the competition and make the consumer choose your offer is precisely a good image and a visually beautiful product. This happens, to give an example that few people imagine, with slot machines. As we can see on many websites that compare online slot machines, we can see that those that are more advanced in graphics and design tend to be the most successful, except among the group of users who prefer classic slots.

    Video games

    Those who design video games also deserve a lot of credit. Remember the football games where you could only recognize a player if he was the only blond on the team? They weren’t graphics and designs that could make recognizable even such important figures as the best players in the world, people we are used to seeing on TV. And now that, according to some sports betting websites, there is a lot of betting on e-sports such as FIFA, organizing big tournaments and events around these competitions, it seems unthinkable that we can do this without good graphics to accompany the gaming experience.

    New art forms

    Without a doubt, the world of NFTs and digitization will give us the option of getting to know more and more new forms of digital art that may arise, as it is a sector that still has a long way to go and is at a very early stage of maturity. In addition, the metaverse will give the option of including new designs and art never seen before. Can you imagine having museums in the metaverse where you can see the best works of the world in a totally digital format and in an immersive way? Well, there are already projects in this sense that aim to democratize access to art for each and every one of the citizens of this world.

    This journey that still lies ahead of the digital world will undoubtedly bring us failures. But it will also bring us closer and closer to artistic experiences and greater recognition of digital artists. So the bottom line is likely to be positive for all of us who love art in all its forms.

    Arts in one place.

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