Bonuses at Online Casinos

    Playing in a Aussie online casinos is not only a great way to entertain yourself, but also to – often very high – winnings. Although many people think that such a form of relaxation is expensive and unprofitable, the truth is that more and more casinos are choosing to reward their players with special bonuses, which are additional chances to win. Such bonuses can be awarded both with and without a deposit and differ significantly from each other.

    What are the Bonus Conditions?

    Generally speaking, what conditions we have to meet in order to qualify for such a prize depends on the casino’s policy. However, we can distinguish two basic types of bonus depending on the method of awarding it:

    • No-deposit bonus – is most often offered to a player who has just created an account at a given online casino. Its purpose is to encourage the newly acquired customer to play. Usually, however, these are not sizable bonuses and are only a percentage of the value of the prize that can be obtained by making a deposit on the platform.
    • Deposit bonus – unlike the type of bonus discussed above, the deposit version will require us to make at least a minimum deposit to our virtual wallet. In return, however, we get access to a very specific promotion (such as doubling our deposit). The potential of such a bonus is much greater than a no-deposit bonus.

    In order to increase our chances of winning at casinos, we should diligently watch new bonus offers of both types. The free ones will be a great opportunity for us to try out a particular casino seriously, and the ones requiring a deposit will help us to redeem ourselves financially. The conditions of each of the promotions are relatively easy to meet, so an online casino bonus can be obtained by practically any user.

    Types of Bonuses

    There are many types of bonuses that can be received. What kind of bonus we will be awarded depends on the internal policy of the online casino and the promotion in effect at the time. Sometimes it happens that several possible bonuses are offered at the same time, but in such cases most often we can use only one anyway proposal.

    • Free spins – free spins are increasingly popular casino bonuses in recent years. They can be obtained both without a deposit and after depositing an appropriate amount, thanks to which such a promotion can also be used by people who are already customers of the casino. Free spins are a package of free slot games. Depending on the casino, free spins may be offered on one particular slot machine, or the offer may apply to all slots offered by the casino. This bonus is becoming increasingly popular, both among players and among casinos – among the former, because it very often allows you to achieve relatively high winnings, and among the latter – because making free spins available essentially costs the casino nothing.
    • Cash bonus – this used to be the most popular form of gift for a player offered by online casinos, but today they are increasingly turning to other types of bonuses (such as the free spins discussed earlier). Such a bonus consists of rewarding the player with extra cash for playing, in exchange for performing a certain action (such as subscribing to a newsletter or making a deposit), or occasionally (such as on the occasion of the casino’s anniversary). However, this does not mean that such cash can be withdrawn at any time. The vast majority of casinos apply the so-called turnover rule, requiring us to turn over the entire amount given to us a certain number of times. Although in recent years the popularity of this type of bonus has significantly decreased, it is still offered by a considerable number of casinos.
    • Cashback bonus – this type of casino bonus does not guarantee that we will receive cash in hand, but is a kind of protection against losing. Like free spins, they can apply to a specific game or to the entire casino offer. A player who gets such a bonus is guaranteed to get back some or all of the money spent on a particular game, provided, of course, that he loses. This bonus is somewhat less common than the two previously discussed examples, but it is extremely beneficial from the player’s perspective, as it allows him to play safely without any risk. Unfortunately, however, the amount of cashback is usually not large.
    • Money to play – this is a specific version of a cash bonus, usually made available when a new game is released and usually available to those who are willing to make a deposit of a certain amount. In return, the player gets extra cash, which he can spend on the game that the promotion applies to. This is because in the case of other slots and games this bonus will be inactive.
    • Reload bonus – this type of bonus is only available to players who make regular deposits. In exchange for making a deposit of a specific amount at a specific time, the casino offers to provide the player with additional funds, which are a percentage of the deposited amount. Casino bonuses of this kind are characterized by a short duration – they are often launched for one day or for a weekend – so it is worth keeping a close eye on the promotions offered by the online casinos of which you are a customer.
    • Tournaments – in order to encourage users to play more often and longer, casinos often organize various tournaments with prizes – this is also a form of bonus. Although such casino bonuses appeared relatively recently, and in order to receive a prize you need to demonstrate both luck and great skill, playing in tournaments is definitely worth it. After all, the amount of such a bonus can be really high, exceeding several times the amount of prizes of other types.
    • Referral bonus – this is a very specific type of bonus, which is awarded especially readily by developing casinos. It is addressed to people who already have an active account on a given platform, so in order to take advantage of it in most cases it will be necessary to make a deposit. A casino user can share a personalized referral link with his or her friends, and each time such a friend successfully registers from the referral link and meets certain requirements, the referring user will receive monetary compensation. Most often it is a certain percentage of the first deposit of the referred person, although sometimes a fixed rate is offered and specified by the casino. Usually, such funds can be withdrawn immediately after they are earned, without the need to turnover them.

    Are casino bonuses and promotions worth taking advantage of?

    Of course it is. Although casino bonus types can differ significantly from each other in terms of rules, and each casino has the right to introduce separate regulations, and so it is a great opportunity, guaranteeing plenty of additional chances to win. To receive such a bonus in the vast majority of cases you do not need to have any special skills – it is enough to create an account on a given platform and make a deposit. The bonus will be awarded to us automatically (although in the case of the first bonus from a given casino, it may be necessary to contact the support department for verification).

    Casinos nowadays offer really quite a lot of opportunities for additional earnings – both for those who are willing to make a deposit and those who are not. Being interested in gambling, it would be a sin not to take advantage of these opportunities, especially since the money we win thanks to them is, after all, just as real and valuable as the money obtained without any bonuses.

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