Molly Payton Unveils New Single ‘Handle’

    Molly Payton has shared her new track ‘Handle’, the latest offering from her forthcoming EP Compromise. It’s her second single of 2022, following ‘Do It All The Same’. Listen to it below.

    “I wrote ‘Handle’ last year in early winter,” Payton explained in a statement. “We couldn’t afford an airbnb so we were staying at my manager’s mother in law’s house in Greenwich, pet sitting her Tortoise. I moved to London at 16, and for the first few years I was in such a rush to experience everything that I ended up burning out a bit. Then I experienced a huge loss which upended my life and led to me moving home to New Zealand. I really felt a bit like I was never going to be okay again, and even after moving back to London I struggled for a long time. Two years on, I’m sitting in this garden in Greenwich and the sun comes out and my boyfriend’s upstairs, and I just got that ‘wow things are okay now’ kinda feeling. Although initially the song was for him, when I listen to ‘Handle’ now it reminds me of that feeling of peace and relief I felt that day, so really I think the track is now for me more than anyone.”

    The Compromise EP is set for release on November 11 via The Orchard.

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