Freshen Up Your Home for Entertaining Guests at Christmas

    Like many people, you might have a lot of visitors over the holidays. So it becomes necessary to freshen up your home for entertaining guests. Here are some quick and easy tips for doing so.

    Get Rid of Any Lingering Smells

    All houses smell. You don’t notice yours because you live there. But they are definitely lingering around. Home-cooked food has a pleasant scent. Yet fatty foods can leave a nasty aroma. Additionally, you might have pets, a very strong dog anal gland smell may also emanate from your dog, she may have a dog period, wear a diaper, stale air from having the windows closed to retain heat, or even the rather unpleasant cigarette smoke hanging around. For any non-smoker guests, this is a particularly nasty smell. Airing the home and lighting candles for smokers will help remove it.

    Rearrange the Furniture a Little

    People will come and go during the holiday season. And you need a place to keep them busy. Just moving the furniture around can make a big difference. Try moving side tables or occasional chairs from one room to another or rearranging the furniture in the same room. At the very least, move furniture away from the walls to give a room more room to breathe. And you will definitely need a table where you can have people over at the same time.

    Freshen Up Your Home for Entertaining Guests with Lighting

    Lighting is a big part of how your home makes you feel. If the only light in your home comes from the ceiling, you might want to buy some pendant lights or table lamps to add softer, more ambient light. This is a modern method called “layered lighting,” and it can make a big difference in how cozy and inviting your living space feels. You don’t want white spot lights to blind your guests. Instead, warm oranges will add to the holiday spirit and make people feel better.

    Get the Bathroom Spotless

    Our bathroom is usually the first room we use each morning and the last room we go to before bed. Still, this is one space that is often forgotten when it comes to decorating. And for some reason, after having guests over for a party, the bathroom is always a mess. This year, you might want to slow down and treat yourself to some nice bath products, clean towels, and an indoor shrub instead. These simple things are all it takes to create a more inviting space.

    Reinvigorate Your Entrance Hall

    Your home’s entry is the first thing people see when they visit. It can be lovely and welcoming or a place that hasn’t been cared for. You can give your entry a quick refresh if needed. Most of the time, we don’t pay much attention to the foyer. But there are likely a lot of people who will visit. So the floor, carpet, or rugs will need to be cleaned. Get out your steamer and vacuum and make it more inviting with some scented candles to make your guests feel welcome.


    It’s not as challenging as you may think to freshen up your home for entertaining guests. Remove odors with candles and fresh air, give the bathroom a spruce and don’t create an inviting entrance area to make guests feel welcome as soon as they enter your home. You can also get Corgi Home Plan for boiler cover which is a superb way to stay safe and warm in the cold winter months.

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