How to feel more confident when dating

    Are you looking to get into the dating world? Dating can be great fun, it gives you the chance to meet new people, and even if things don’t become serious, you can still make new friends for life. 

    There are many different ways to get into the dating world, you could try blind dating, double dating, serious dating, dating apps, or straight or gay phone talks – this is great for getting your confidence up before meeting face to face – the possibilities are endless. 

    Dating can be stressful, but once you overcome the fears and nervousness, it can quickly become something you enjoy doing. To help you with this, below we have put together our guide on how to feel more confident when dating. 

    Make the date about them not you 

    When you are feeling nervous, one of the easiest tips we can give you to feel more confident is to ask questions about the person you are going on a date with. People love to talk about themselves, so by having plenty of questions that you can ask, this allows them to talk about themselves whilst easing you into the date. When asking these questions, you will learn a lot about them, which will enable you to ask questions in response to their replies as well as connect on the things that you have a joint interest in. 

    Stop thinking you have a type 

    The biggest mistake a lot of people make when dating is thinking they have a type and only dating those who fall within that type category. Yes, it’s good to have things in common and similar interests, however, you don’t want to judge a book by its cover. By broadening your horizons, you could be surprised by the people you meet when going out on a date with them. Plus, it doesn’t hurt going on a date or two with people who you consider not your type – after meeting them you may find yourself feeling a lot more confident. 

    Dress to impress 

    Dressing your best and feeling good about yourself can really help improve your confidence, especially when dating. Putting on a nice outfit, styling your hair and spraying your favorite sprays will help you feel your best and ooze confidence. When putting an outfit together, it doesn’t necessarily need to be your best outfit and one that you think will impress them. Instead, wear something that you feel confident in and best represents you as a person. 

    Try not to make assumptions 

    Before the date, try to forget about any assumptions you have about the person you are meeting. Making an assumption can put a lot of pressure on yourself to impress them, plus in most cases your assumptions are wrong. Instead, approach the date with an open mind, be prepared to ask questions and learn about the person you are meeting. If the date doesn’t go well, remember that doesn’t matter, you can always go on another date. If it does go well, then brilliant, organize another so that you can meet up again. The less pressure you feel on the date, the more natural it will be. 

    Remember you are brilliant 

    Without sounding cheesy, remember that you are brilliant. Just like them, you both bring a lot to the table so don’t doubt yourself. No one is better than another person, you are just different. Don’t be shy about talking about the things you are good at and bigging yourself up when it’s appropriate – try not to overdo this otherwise you can look a little arrogant. Once you realize how great you are as a person, dating can become a lot easier. The strongest type of confidence you can have is when you don’t need validation on the things you are great at. 

    Keep practicing 

    As they say, practice makes perfect. The more dates you go on the more confident you will be when going on them. Sure, you are going to have some not so great ones, however you will definitely have some amazing ones. Make sure you keep on going on dates, even if you don’t feel like the one before your date went that well. You could always try online dating to practice as an alternative. There are dating apps for everyone out there. For example, you can try dating for professionals to find people who share the commitment to their careers as you do.

    We hope the above tips help you feel more confident when dating. Have you got any tips that you would like to share that will help our readers? Which of the tips above do you think will help you the most? Is there anything that you would like to share? Let us know in the comment box below.

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