Buy a plane ticket and let us go to class!

    Plane? Classroom? How can these two unlike concepts be related? Well, if we have learned something during the previous years of lockdown is that we can work and learn from everywhere. Nowadays, we are more creative; we tend to think more outside the box, and, as a result, we find new and more effective ways of doing our daily activities. Moreover, society has finally understood that there is no time to waste and that we should do everything we can to make all our dreams come true.

    This new way of thinking has led us to try new things, start new hobbies, travel more, and live every second to the fullest. Probably, you know many people who quit their job, started a relationship, started a new business, moved to another city, began a new course, or made that old and postponed trip.

    Probably, you are one of these brave people and are still trying to complete that long commotion list full of wishes. If, by any chance, you have written on that piece of paper the purpose of “traveling more” and “learning Spanish”, you must know that you can kill two birds with one shot by just writing, “Learn Spanish Barcelona”. Is it not clear yet? Keep reading!

    In the last few years, the trend of language tourism has increased significantly; every month, more people travel to a foreign country to learn its language. Thus, if you want to know the rich language of Spanish, language tourism can be your wisest option. We suggest you travel to Spain and check the wide range of courses Expanish offers. This language school has different options so you can choose if you want to be part of a group or a private teacher or if you need an extended course or just a few weeks.

    Visiting Spain and finally starting to learn Spanish sounds very interesting. Still, some of you probably do not entirely understand why you should consider traveling to a foreign country to learn a language that you can learn near your home and even from your computer. After reading this article, you will not have any doubts.

    Why is learning Spanish in Spain the best option?

    First, learning a language in a country that speaks it will always be more challenging and give you faster results. As you will be immersed in that foreign culture, you will have to practice Spanish even when you are not in class, and you will have to forget your shyness and try to communicate with locals to have lunch, buy a ticket and even make friends. Moreover, you will have the excellent opportunity to listen to the language all the time and get used to the pronunciation and accent much more quickly than if you were in a class listening to a recording explicitly made by Spanish learners.

    Secondly, you will have the better of two worlds. People who take language courses receive the proper grammar explanation and have a better understanding of sentence structures and how to use them. However, at the same time, they find it hard to express their ideas and follow an honest conversation with native speakers. Contrastingly, those who travel to a foreign country without speaking its language are able (or forced) to learn new vocabulary and understand people in a shorter period. However, the second group knows the language instinctively and usually has many problems organizing their ideas and improving their writing skills.

    Luckily, you will belong to a third privileged group since you will have traditional classes with an excellent teacher who will guide you through the learning process and, at the same time, you will be part of a Spanish-speaking city where you will live the language and culture every second of your stay. This experience will boost your language skills, and you will end your journey being an outstanding Spanish speaker.

    By this time, you may be convinced that going to a foreign country to learn its language is a beautiful idea, but there may be one more question left…

    Why should I choose Spain?

    The Spanish language was born in the geographic area of Spain between the years 500, and 800 A.D. and a considerable part of the language’s history and development happened there. Moreover, influential writers and artists, such as Miguel de Cervantes, Gabriel García Márquez, and Pablo Picasso, were Spanish, and their influence is shown in every corner of the country.

    Apart from the academic reasons already mentioned, there are also funnier reasons to choose Spain and, more specifically, the lively city of Barcelona. Spain is a wonderful country full of beautiful towns with attractions for every taste. If you decide to study in Barcelona, you will enjoy the astonishing Gaudi buildings, visit the Basílica de la Sagrada Familia, and have a tasty lunch at the La Boquería market. You will walk around La Rambla and Parque de la Ciudadela. As you can see, Barcelona is the perfect combination of history, culture, and nightlife. Additionally, during weekends, you can travel to other beautiful cities just a few hours from Barcelona.

    Traveling to a foreign country without speaking its language and knowing its culture can be challenging and scary, but it is also gratifying and fun. At the end of this fantastic journey, you will feel part of this different culture, you will have built meaningful bonds with people from other backgrounds, you will have acquired essential skills for your professional life, and most importantly, you will have lived unforgettable moments in one of the most famous European cities. Nothing to lose, everything to win. So, are you ready for the trip of your life?

    Pack all your things and…¡Buen viaje!

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