How to Install a Bathroom Sink

    The decision on how to install the sink is very important as it affects the practicality of the sink, the comfort of the room, and, of course, the interior. Today, customers have a lot of options to choose from because the market offers different installation methods of contemporary bathroom sinks.

    There are three main types of bathroom sink installation:

    • Freestanding sink
    • Vessel sink
    • Wall-mounted sink

    All these installation types are presented in the Aquatica catalog. In addition to sinks, Aquatica offers a variety of products like an outside hot tub, freestanding shower, bathroom accessories, etc.

    Freestanding Installation

    This type of bathroom sink installation is perfect for those who want to achieve the most aesthetic appearance of the bathroom. This installation method assumes that all plumbing will be hidden and will not ruin the chosen interior style.

    Vessel Sink

    Vessel sinks are washbasins installed on the countertop. This installation method is known as one of the most convenient because of its practicality. You do not need to save a place specifically for the sink because you can combine it with a countertop, which has already become an indispensable thing in the bathroom. So, it is perfect for those who want to save some space in their room.

    Wall-Mounted Sink

    One more practical option for those who are looking for something compact. Considering that when you use such an installation method there is some free space under the sink, it is possible to use it as a storage space for the laundry basket or detergent box. One of the most important advantages of this installation type is that you can choose the height. Thus, it is possible to install a sink as high or low as you want. For example, you can install a sink low just for your kids.

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