5 Festive Holiday Crafts The Whole Family Will Love

    The holidays are not only about shopping and gift-giving. More than anything, spending quality time with your family is what the holidays are for. Whether on vacation or staying home, you can all have a good time creating fun and unique crafts. When you engage in creative activities like arts and crafts with the people who are important to you, you both boost your creativity and leave with a physical memento of your experience. 

    That said, here are some of the best festive holiday crafts you can do with your family.  

    • Diamond Painting 

    Remember when you used to do the painting by numbers as a child? And if your children also enjoy the activity, diamond painting may be a fun family project. Diamond painting combines elements of paint-by-number and cross-stitch. Here, you’ll need some colorful resin rhinestones and an applicator. These rhinestones are applied to a color-coded canvas one by one.  

    All you have to do is match the appropriate color to the space marked with the proper symbol. Once the piece is done, you can have it framed and hung in any room you like. This is an excellent activity for the whole family, since there’s a wide range of patterns available in different sizes. You can find them at hobby stores or source them through diamond painting kit vendors like Dreamer Designs

    • Gift Box Door Wreath 

    Wreaths are holiday staples; many houses will have a wreath displayed during the Christmas season. So, to prepare for this project, you’ll need a wreath foam, ten mini gift boxes (same or random sizes), small figurines or mini decorations (anything that fits the holiday theme), and Christmas ribbon.

    Using hot glue, attach the bows or ribbons to the wreath foam. Be sure to leave some space for the boxes. Glue some of the bows into the bigger-sized boxes. Then, fill the gaps in the wreath by gluing the boxes. Create piles of presents by attaching the smaller gift boxes to the bigger ones. To make randomly designed gift boxes, you can decorate the smaller boxes with twine or colorful ribbons.  

    • DIY Wrapping Paper 

    Make your wrapping paper instead of buying it for gift ideas this year. You can scour sites that offer free printable Christmas wrapping paper. It’s an easy project that you can do even with your little kids who loves to color. It can also be a fun activity for your kids to spend their time on while you make a sumptuous Christmas feast.

    Younger children may use crayons, while older children and adults may prefer colored pencils or markers to fill in the designs on the printed paper. If you have a lot of gifts to wrap, feel free to print out as many coloring pages as you like.  

    • Hot Chocolate Kit 

    A hot chocolate drink amid the cold and chilly season is a match made in heaven. The winter season can bring you warmth and happiness with a cup of hot chocolate. It’s a drink that everybody can enjoy anytime. Children may experience a sugar rush from hot chocolate, but they’ll need it to help with the Christmas preparations, the board games, and, yes, the holiday crafts you’ve enlisted their help with!

    You’ll need a mason jar and acrylic paint to make your kit. Using a brush, paint a red circle onto the mason jar. Let it dry, and paint on evergreen leaves. Hold off on writing ‘Hot Cocoa’ until the ink has dried. Layer the chocolate powder with mini marshmallows and chocolate chips. Cut a square of seasonal fabric and place it on the mason jar. Place the lid over the fabric and screw it to tighten.  

    • Yarn-Wrapped Tree Ornaments 

    Kids love decorating the tree, so why not create decorations with the kids and hang them on the tree? It can give your little ones a sense of accomplishment when they see something they’ve made on display. When something they worked on is a part of your home’s holiday decorations, such as the Christmas Tree, it can raise their self-esteem.  

    This simple project only requires wooden ornaments that are pre-cut and readily available. Get some colorful acrylic paint and have the kids use their brushes to decorate. When the ornaments are dry, use yarn to create a loop at the top by tying it around them. Let the children hang their ornaments on the Christmas tree to make it more inspiring.  


    The holidays are the perfect opportunity to spend more bonding time with your family. Creating holiday crafts together fosters their creativity and allows you to get to know your family members better. While the crafts above are geared towards younger children, you can still source for more age-appropriate crafts that older kids and the rest of the family can work on together to accomplish.

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