The Best Christmas Jewelry Gift Guide for the 2022 Holiday Season

    Unwrapping gifts is always a highlight of the holiday season. This year, you want to make your moment under the tree extra impressionable. Your loved one deserves the most precious gift you have to offer: your love. But a little something extra—like fine jewelry—won’t go over poorly either.

    We’re almost three years into a new decade, and jewelry trends are rapidly changing to fit the times. We’ve gathered together our favorite jewelry trends to jumpstart your Christmas shopping this season—and help you choose the most fashionable glamour for your loved one.

    Your Ultimate Guide to Christmas Jewelry Gifts in 2022

    1)   Large Hoop Earrings

    Searching for the best Christmas jewelry sales? Try looking for large hoop earrings in gold. Whether it’s paired with sleek streetwear or an evening gown, this jewelry can be dressed up or dressed down for any occasion.

    Subtle small hoops took center stage last year—and in 2023, we expect them to grow a lot in size. Your loved one will feel truly special and very chic wearing her new favorite pair of earrings.

    2)   A Short Gemstone Necklace or Choker

    Early 2000s fashion trends are coming back—and they make ideal Christmas jewelry for women. The iconic short necklace or choker features either a chain of gemstones or a chunky chain with a large pendant attached.

    3)   Tanzanite Jewelry

    The past few years have been tumultuous to say the least. Some couples are opting for fine jewelry that not only looks stunning but is also an investment into their future. Tanzanite is often the gemstone of choice. The beautiful purple gemstone is found exclusively in Tanzania. There are limited stores of it, and it’s estimated to run out in about a decade.

    For this reason, tanzanite jewelry is viewed as an investment piece. Vintage jewelry lovers will feel extra glamorous showing off their tanzanite rings and necklaces when it can no longer be mined.

    4)   Costume Jewelry

    It’s coming back in style with claw clips and low-rise jeans—and you can ensure your loved one is ahead of the times with ample costume jewelry selections. Costume jewelry originally rose to popularity in the 1920s and has come in and out of fashion since then. You may remember from the 1980s.

    Bigger Is Better When It Comes to Christmas Jewelry for Women

    No pressure on the guys picking out engagement rings this holiday season . . . but big jewelry is in style. Although the size of your diamond won’t impact your love story, it can mean a lot to your budding relationship. Whether you’re buying rings, necklaces, bracelets, or earrings, assume that the chunky stuff will be the most popular in the coming months.

    5)   Chandelier Earrings

    Chandelier earrings are set to become one of the hottest jewelry pieces of 2023. One benefit to them is that they’re incredibly versatile. Chandelier earrings can fit any size, shape, style, or budget.

    Typically, chandelier earrings are the focal point of an outfit, so they don’t need a lot of other jewelry to complement them. Instead of buying a full jewelry set, opt for a designer outfit and tickets to a Broadway show—so she can proudly show off her new bling.

    6)   Layered Necklaces

    Chunky chains, pendant necklaces, lockets, and more . . . a set of necklaces to layer is the perfect Christmas jewelry gift this holiday season. They allow your lover to create something new out of something old. Whether you purchase a number of necklaces with the intention of layering or buy a brand new pendant necklace to add to her collection, we know she’ll fall in love with you all over again (for your heart and for your jewelry taste).

    7)    Personalized Pendant Necklaces

    Whether it’s got her name on it or her star sign, the fashion world is going crazy for personalized necklaces. They’re a great way to enhance her fine jewelry collection in a way that says “I know you.” Popular ways to personalize a necklace include:

    • An engraved message
    • Your children’s names, star signs, or birthstones
    • A custom piece with her name on it
    • A special date, like your anniversary
    • Her star sign
    • Her birthstone

    8)   Charm Bracelets

    They aren’t just a piece of jewelry . . . they’re an adventure. Worn throughout the years, a charm bracelet uses fine jewelry charms to tell the story of her life. You might include charms of your first house together, anniversary dates, pets, or charms that represent each of your children. Or, get creative and create a charm bracelet that represents each of your travels.

    Over the years, you can continue to fill up her charm bracelet with sweet memories and meaningful charms. And each time you add a new charm, you’ll look back at all your many adventures together.

    9)   Anything Vintage

    Vintage jewelry is not only extremely trendy but also eco-friendly, sentimental, and stylish. You can visit Christmas jewelry sales at your local vintage shops or find a family heirloom to finesse for your loved one. Jewelry from the 1920s is particularly popular right now, but shoppers are also going crazy for 1950s, 1980s, and early 2000s pieces.

    To make your Christmas jewelry gift extra special, get the vintage piece engraved for your lover. Or, have a jeweler combine an old piece and a new piece together. Whatever you choose, we know she’ll be thrilled to unwrap it on Christmas morning.

    Approach Christmas Jewelry Sales With One Mission: Love


    The hustle and bustle.

    The tired eyes from perusing online Christmas jewelry sales.

    . . . And let’s be honest, there’s a little bit of expectation from your lover.

    The holidays can be a stressful time. But at the end of the day, what matters isn’t how much you spend on her Christmas gift—or how trendy it is. What matters is that your love continues on. . .

    Through kisses under the mistletoe. . .

    Late night ice cream binges while you wrap the kids’ presents. . .

    And a few stunning Christmas jewelry gifts for the woman you love.

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