How to Buy NEO Cryptocurrency?

    Crypto investments and trading are attracting more and more people, for there are many examples of how people grew their capital using digital coins. The crucial thing is what asset to buy and fat tools to use for it. Let’s discuss one promising crypto asset worth buying today and a reliable way to invest in it.

    What Asset to Pick?

    Among the variety of crypto coins offered in the market, we recommend considering those bringing valuable technology and benefit to the industry. For example, projects that connect the real-life economy with blockchain. Take a look at the NEO project that was founded in 2014 and keeps on developing. The platform enables the tokenization of real-sector assets due to the AntShares blockchain, which allows using those digital assets with benefits. The idea was especially welcomed in China.

    The company held a successful ICO and gathered finances for further development and growth. NEO crypto price is around $6.

    Brief information value NEO:

    • Any programmer can work with it, for it supports all popular programming languages
    • Allows smart contacts building
    • Fast transactions
    • Allows digitizing real sector assets.

    How to buy NEO? Let’s talk about it next.

    Where and how to Buy Cryptocurrency?

    We recommend the WhiteBIT crypto exchange, for it has proved to be a reliable and credible platform for trading and investment. The exchange implements several layers of security for users and their accounts and has an insurance fund for any possible critical situation. The exchange provides two-factor authentication for users. Access to all the platform’s features is available only to registered clients who passed verification. Having such a strict policy, WhiteBIT is confident about clients’ safety and loyalty.

    Here are a few steps in buying NEO on WhiteBIT:

    • Register an account
    • Pass KYC
    • Add your bank card
    • Move currency from your bank card to your account
    • Go to the trade section and pick NEO and the currency you have (dollars, euros, etc.).

    Pay the minimum fee (0.10%), and the NEO tokens will be accrued in your account in a matter of seconds.

    Learn more about NEO and other promising crypto coins on the WhiteBIT blog.

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