What Is Prolozone Therapy?

    In simple terms, Prolozone is an injection of ozone gas mixed with various other alternative medicines. When ozone is injected into the body, it increases the blood supply to that specific spot. In doing so, it also promotes an enhanced flow of healthy nutrients, enhancing the natural healing cycle of your body.

    The circulation of the crucial elements which exist in the bloodstream is necessary to the natural regeneration and healing process of the body. By increasing the blood supply to an injured area, vital vitamins and minerals are also supplied by the body which aid in the healing process.

    There are three main parts of Prolozone Therapy. Each component of Prolozone is necessary in the regeneration process. The first component of Prolozone is natural anti-inflammatory medications. These are used to reduce the swelling in the injured spot, thus promoting increased circulation. The second key component of Prolozone is the injection of specific nutrients that are crucial to the body’s natural healing process.

    Finally, the third component of Prolozone Therapy, oxygen gas in the form of ozone. The combination of these three components promotes proper circulation and regeneration of the damaged tissues, tendons, or muscles. A lot of people experience instantaneous relief upon receiving their first injection of Prolozone. That being said, Prolozone Therapy is typically most successful after 3-5 sessions. The Doctors will work with you to identify a Prolozone Therapy treatment plan that best suits your personal needs.

    How Well Does Prolozone Therapy Work?

    Sometimes, patients are usually planning on having surgery for their pain when they turn to prolozone therapy as a last resort. However, it does not have to happen like this. Prozolone is an incredible preventative option that has produced amazing outcomes without the individual needing to go to surgery at all.

    For people who are treated for muscle or joint pain, some of the benefits have revealed:

    • Lowered Inflammation
    • Lowered Pain
    • More Mobility
    • Improved Flexibility
    • Less Arthritis Symptoms

    When a patient decides on prolozone therapy, they are in control of how often they get the injections. This technique activates the body’s natural healing processes, are non-addictive, and are non-surgical.

    If you are considering surgery but have not tried prolozone therapy yet, you should really consider taking the next step towards this option.

    What are the Side Effects of Prolozone Therapy?

    Prolozone therapy has been around for a long time, and it is considered to be a lot more safe than other pain relief methods that are utilized by traditional medicine. Because of this, it is really rare for an individual to experience any side effects.

    When an appointment is made for a patient to receive treatment, they are provided numbing medications. After that they will typically receive around two to four injections in one location. The appointment just lasts for around 10– 15 minutes, and it is normal for a follow up appointment to be scheduled for two weeks after your first appointment depending on how well the initial injections were received.

    The needles that are utilized for this injection procedure are really small and do not usually cause any problems with patients. However, whenever there is a procedure, there are risks. There may be some light sensitivity or bruising around where the injection occurred, but is able to be tended to quickly with no long-term effects.

    Unlike other solutions to chronic pain, Prolozone Therapy corrects the pathology of the problem, enabling the body to heal itself naturally. This incredible alternative to pain medicine and dangerous surgeries is extremely safe, highly effective, and affordable. By combining the natural element of ozone with other medicines, Prolozone can quickly provide relief after a single injection.

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