What you need to know about IKEA Sofa Slipcovers

    Slipcovers for home furniture look great, but their longevity directly depends on proper care. If you want your new slipcovers to last a long time, you need to keep them clean and free of the stresses that they are simply not made for. What you can and can’t do with slipcovers, manufacturers know best.

    IKEA Sofa Slipcovers are the most popular among homeowners around the world. This is not surprising, given that the company has been producing home furniture and accessories for almost 100 years. The company was founded in Sweden and for a long time the headquarters of the corporation was located in this Scandinavian country. Subsequently, it moved to the Netherlands, where it is located today. The obvious advantage of IKEA over its competitors is that the company creates covers directly for the products, which it manufactures itself. Consequently, the likelihood that the protective fabrics will not fit properly on the furniture is reduced to a minimum.

    Covers that are stretched too much will wear out quickly. That is why it is very important not to make a mistake with the size (it is chosen taking into account the width, depth, height from the floor, the size of the armrests). The fabric should fit tightly around the upholstered furniture, but not to crack the seams. It is better to choose a looser version and use special inserts that will prevent the appearance of folds. When putting on the cover from IKEA, try to distribute the tension evenly. For tall models euro covers with skirts are ideal. They will give the room a special romanticism, and at the same time will be an excellent protection for the furniture legs.

    Even in the cleanest homes the surfaces gather dust. To keep the cases clean it is necessary to clean them from time to time from dust. A vacuum cleaner with a special nozzle can easily cope with this task, but note that you should not turn it on maximum power.

    During the holidays no one is immune from awkward movements, after which a few drops of wine or crumbs may fall on the Euro cover. If possible it is better to remove the stains on the same day before they are absorbed by the fabric.

    How to wash a euro cover? It all depends on the fabric:

    1.  Some models manufacturer recommends that you wash only by hand, but most are quite possible to put in order with a washing machine. 
    2. In order not to spoil the product, you should follow the precautions.

    Before removing the cover from the sofa, carefully remove the inserts, help smooth out the fabric. It is better to act in pairs, evenly and carefully removing the eurocover on both sides at once. To get rid of crumbs, you can shake it slightly, and then – turn inside out.

    Wash furniture covers separately from other things. If the load allows, you can load the whole set, but more often textiles for chairs and sofas are washed separately. Optimally, if you use a mode of delicate or hand wash. In this case, the fabric is less likely to rub against the drum and slower wear. Water temperature should be no more than 40 degrees. Enzyme detergent can provide excellent stain removal. But bleach or conditioners should not be used – they can have a negative effect on the rubber threads. Also choose a gentle spin, as too strong rotation of the drum can contribute to deformation of the fabric. Manufacturers recommend setting the machine to 400 revolutions per minute. This is enough to remove excess moisture, but not to stretch the cover.

    The American brand of premium quality covers Mamma Mia Covers offers its customers the highest quality products, including those from companies known both in the U.S. and abroad. Accordingly, by using the services of this company, you have the opportunity to buy the best protective fabrics from IKEA at an adequate price. Thousands of American citizens have already been satisfied with this purchase and continue to recommend it to their friends and acquaintances.

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