Ask Yourself These Questions Before Buying a Walk-In Bath

    Most homes have a generic or drop-in bathtub in their bathrooms. It is nearly a common bathroom fixture to allow family members a good bathing experience. Typically, the setup includes a showerhead. The bathtub is often fixed to one wall of the bathroom. It is enclosed to allow people to sit on its ledge or stand in the tub when they shower.

    If you are building a new bathroom or renovating your existing one and considering replacing your generic bathtub, here are a few ideas and questions to ask yourself before choosing a new bath.

    How to choose a walk-in tub

    It is important to research and consider various aspects before deciding which bathtub to purchase. It would help if you understand the various types of walk in baths, the features to look for, and the questions you should ask.

    Types of walk-in tubs

    • Soaker. A deeper walk-in bath that allows users to immerse their entire body while seated in the walk-in tub.
    • Hydrotherapy. The tube includes water jets that massage the joints and muscles for pain relief.
    • Aerotherapy. Instead of water jets, the walk-in tub has an air jet system that releases air jets and massages certain body parts. However, air jets are more suitable for people with sensitive skin.
    • Aromatherapy. This type of walk-in bath uses an aerotherapy or hydrotherapy system to release essential minerals into the bath water for a spa-like experience for the bather.

    Questions you should ask

    1. What is the size of your bathroom?

    Walk-in tubs, including walk in bath shower, have different sizes. Thus, measuring the area where you want to install the new bathtub is important.

    1. How old is the plumbing system in your home?

    The age of your plumbing system will matter. If it is very old, you need a professional plumber to ensure the plumbing system can pass Part H of the building regulations. Remember that the user has to stay in the walk-in bath while it drains.

    1. Do you have any mobility issues? 

    Your mobility is important. If you find stepping over a 20-centimetre step difficult, choose a walk-in bath with the lowest threshold. If you have trouble lowering and getting out of a sitting position, look for a walk-in bath with a higher seat.

    1. Can you afford a walk-in bath?

    Your budget is a key consideration when purchasing a walk-in bath. The current price range is between £1,500 and £5,000 or more. Thus, it is necessary to determine the budget you can afford because you should also consider installation costs and other miscellaneous expenses.

    1. Does your bathroom need additional support?

    It is important to have a structural engineer inspect your house and bathroom if it is your first time installing a bathtub because a walk-in bath is heavy. As it takes several litres of water, the weight of the bath increases, which puts pressure on the bathroom floor. Ensure that your home’s foundation can support the additional weight.

    Your answers to these questions will help you decide whether you can purchase, install, and enjoy the benefits of a walk-in bathtub.

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