4 Must-Have Tops For 2023

    The new year makes you want to reinvent yourself and rethink your style. Staying on top of the latest trends provides you with the inspiration you need to create a new look for yourself!

    Which Shop Justice tops must you simply have for 2023?

    Keep reading as we explore the best-trending tops for your style revolution in the new year!

    Tie-Dye Tops

    If you’re looking to catch a ride on the wave of 70s and 80s fashion, then tie-dye tops might just be the thing you need. A tie-dye top can help you to create the following looks for your new-you wardrobe:

    • Surfer chick – beachy looks aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. If you want to get that surfer chick look for 2023, style your tie-dye sweater or t-shirt with a pair of bicycle shorts and some classic sliders. Add some cool woven bracelets, and you’re a beachy babe!
    • The 70s and 80s hippie look – vintage fashion is reviving the looks of the 70s and 80s. Try pairing your tie-dye mock neck top with a pair of bell bottoms, and voila!
    • Casual cool-girl – a tie-dye top can help you to emulate effortless style for your casual days. If you pair a tie-dye top with your favorite leggings or joggers, you’ll feel relaxed and breezy on your chill days.

    Simple And Basic Tops

    Who said fashion couldn’t be minimalist and trendy? You can always rely on simple and basic tops if you want to create a tidy, neat look that doesn’t distract from your face. They look great on everyone while enhancing natural beauty.

     You can wear simple and basic tops with bike shorts, jeans, leggings, joggers, or skirts. And can tie in with any bold patterns to create a cohesive outfit. Don’t underestimate the value of minimalist clothing designs!

    Color Block Hoodies

    Color block hoodies are the perfect top for girls looking to get the athleisure look. You can wear your color block hoodie anywhere, and it’ll go with your jeans, sports leggings, or even a pair of bike shorts.

    Color block hoodies are minimal-looking but have that pop of color to make your outfit more interesting. You can pair them with pants that match the shade for a well-thought fit. Put your hair in a low bun, get your most trendy sneakers on, and you’ll look trendy!

    Plaid Button-Up Tops

    The plaid button-up top is an excellent choice if you’re laid-back and like to wear loose and artsy outfits. The more oversized you go, the more you’ll get that artistic vibe. Comforting and classic plaid looks good on everyone!

    Pop on your oversized plaid top, plenty of rings, a messy bun, and your glasses – and boom! You’re all artsy-chic!

    Final Thoughts

    Reinventing your style is fun – and the start of a new year is the perfect time to do it. New year, new you! What will your style be like in 2023? Will you go for the 70s look, a more toned-down look, the athleisure look, or messy and artsy? Find the new you and try out these styles.

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