Karl Lagerfeld: Edgy, Controversial, Timeless

    Karl Lagerfeld was one of the world’s most famous and respected fashion designers.

    He’s best known for leading the fashion house Chanel, collaborating with brands like Fendi, and establishing his own affordable clothing and footwear brand.

    Lagerfeld’s aesthetic is steeped in culture, history, and rock ‘n’ roll, and his unique perspective on style has forever changed the fashion industry.

    Natural talent 

    Karl was born in Germany to a wealthy Hamburg businessman.

    At first, the boy studied at St. At Anne’s school, and after the family emigrated to France, Karl completed his education at the Lycée Montaigne, where he focused on drawing and history. It was clear from the beginning that visual art was his passion.

    At the beginning of his career, Karl Lagerfeld worked as an assistant to the designer Pierre Balmain. He hired the young man after Karl won a coat design competition in 1955. After three years at Balmain, Lagerfeld moved to the Jean Patou fashion house, where he collaborated to create dozens of haute couture collections.

    After a short stint at the Titian fashion house in Rome, Karl started working with the French Chloé in 1964. At first, he created a few pieces each season and then moved to complete collections. Not long after, Karl Lagerfeld began collaborating with Fendi.

    The designer launched his own line in 1984, although he said he never dreamed of “having a store with his name on it.” In 2005 the brand was acquired by the Tommy Hilfiger group, but Karl remained the chief designer and was directly involved in the creative process.

    Exclusive style

    Karl Lagerfeld was a talented and mysterious personality with an original approach to fashion and pop culture.

    Karl Lagerfeld’s distinctive aesthetic combines Parisian classics with a chic rock’n’roll aesthetic.

    His ready-to-wear and footwear (Karl Lagerfeld shoes) collection includes clothing for women, men, and children, as well as handbags and fine leather goods. The collection also offers watches, eyewear, footwear, perfumes, candles, and fashion jewelry. Unlike haute couture, these products are sold at an affordable price.

    The brand has hundreds of stores worldwide, including, of course, shops such fashion capitals like Paris, London, New York, Dubai, and Shanghai.

    Get noticed

    Karl Lagerfeld footwear combines comfort and style. The shoes are made from high-quality leather, suede, neoprene, and rubber and come in multiple styles, from sneakers and high tops to espadrilles and sandals for summer.

    Whatever you choose, one thing is indisputable – wearing Karl Lagerfeld shoes will always get you noticed. You can easily match the shoes with minimalist clothes for work and leisure, as well as glamorous evening outfits, such as dresses, skirts, or rompers.

    Karl Lagerfeld’s bold yet understated style will suit and appeal to anyone who is not afraid to experiment and loves making an impression.

    A true artist 

    Karl Lagerfeld was not just a fashion designer, even though that would’ve been more than enough! He had many other personal and professional interests, such as photography, short film, and illustration.

    He photographed fashion for a big part of his life, and his work was published in various magazines, including Vogue.

    His illustrations were used for children’s books, and he also employed his fashion talent in making costumes for La Scala, the Monte Carlo Ballet, and the Florence Opera House.

    As if that wasn’t enough, Karl Lagerfeld worked with the fast fashion brand H&M and made limited-edition clothing with other high fashion designers.

    Lagerfeld never forgot his passion for history either and, in 2010, established the “L.S.D.” imprint, which published literature, biographies, and books on fashion, art, and music.

    The designer also published a satirical newspaper featuring his sketches and photography called “The Karl Daily.”

    Personal interests 

    The designer loved reading, especially art and fashion literature and had a massive personal library with over 300,000 books.

    Karl himself said that he was easily bored and, therefore, always was looking for something new.

    Of course, Lagerfeld’s life was not only rainbows and unicorns. He had a very public struggle with his weight and even got into hot water a few times for controversial comments about body image and weight loss.

    He was also often dissatisfied with his achievements and always kept striving for more, achieving a lot but often suffering as a result.

    A unique perspective & legacy

    Karl Lagerfeld’s legacy has such an impact because of the designer’s unique perspective on fashion, his strive for perfection, and his desire to do more than simply make clothes.

    With his work, he tried to highlight certain aspects of life and the times we lived in. That’s why Lagerfeld used elaborate fashion show set design and scenography to create an impression and get people thinking. Some of them included such unusual items as shopping carts or surfboards.

    Lagerfeld wanted to highlight the power of image, beauty, and culture.

    One of his most successful weeks was in 2015, when he had two massive shows during the same fashion week.

    The same year Karl Lagerfeld received the Outstanding Achievement Award at the British Fashion Awards and the John B. Fairchild Award from Women’s Wear Daily in 2017.

    But the most prestigious award was presented by the Mayor of Paris in 2017. Lagerfeld received the Grand Vermeil Medal at the Chanel fashion show.

    Never forgotten 

    Karl Lagerfeld died in Paris on February 19, 2019, just a few days before his Fendi Fall/Winter collection show.

    He was 85 years old, but almost nobody knew that the designer was ill or something was wrong with his health. Announcing his death, Chanel paid a deep and touching tribute celebrating his life, art, and achievements.

    Karl Lagerfeld is one of those fashion icons who’ll never be forgotten and whose work will be celebrated for decades to come.

    Both his high fashion and affordable fashion clothing broke barriers and made it easier for people to express their personalities and styles.

    Edgy, elegant, sexy. That’s Karl Lagerfeld’s vision and aesthetic.

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