The Craziest Things Caught on Doorbell Cams

    Doorbell cameras have become a staple in many homes, providing homeowners with an extra layer of security and the ability to monitor their properties from anywhere, at any time. While these cameras are primarily used to alert homeowners of visitors and potential threats, they can sometimes capture footage that is so unexpected and bizarre that it quickly becomes the talk of the internet. From ghostly figures to UFO sightings, doorbell cameras have recorded some of the craziest things caught on camera.

    Mysterious Creature in Texas

    One of the most memorable moments captured by a doorbell camera was in 2020 in Texas when a homeowner’s camera captured footage of a mysterious creature walking down the street. The footage quickly went viral, with many people speculating that it was either a Bigfoot or a Chupacabra. While some claimed that the footage was doctored, others were convinced that it was real and provided evidence of the existence of such creatures. To this day, the creature remains a mystery and continues to spark debates and discussions online.

    Meteor in Michigan

    Another notable incident captured by a doorbell camera was in 2019 in Michigan, when a meteor was recorded streaking across the sky. The clear footage captured by the camera provided a stunning view of the event and quickly went viral online. The meteor was widely shared and discussed, with many people speculating about its origin and trajectory. The doorbell camera footage provided a unique perspective on the event, offering a glimpse into the power and beauty of our solar system.

    Ghostly Figure in England

    One of the most intriguing moments captured by a doorbell camera was in 2021 in England, when a ghostly figure was recorded walking through a garden. The figure appeared to be transparent and was seen walking through a wall, sparking debates about the existence of ghosts and the paranormal. The footage quickly went viral, with many people speculating about the authenticity of the video and the identity of the ghostly figure. To this day, the incident remains one of the most memorable and unexplained moments captured by a doorbell camera.

    UFO in California

    In 2020, a doorbell camera in California captured footage of a strange object flying in the sky, sparking debates about the possibility of extraterrestrial life. The object appeared to be a UFO and was captured on video flying over the neighborhood. The footage quickly went viral and was widely shared, with many people speculating about the origin and nature of the object. While some were skeptical, others were convinced that the footage provided evidence of extraterrestrial life and sparked discussions about the possibility of aliens visiting our planet.

    Bear in Colorado

    Another memorable moment captured by a doorbell camera was in 2022 in Colorado, when a bear was recorded walking up to a front door. The bear appeared to be trying to open the door, much to the surprise of the homeowner and online viewers. The footage quickly went viral and was widely shared, with many people speculating about the behavior of the bear and the motivations behind its actions. The footage provided a fascinating glimpse into the wild and unpredictable nature of the animal kingdom.

    Final Thoughts

    Doorbell cameras have become a popular way for homeowners to monitor their homes and provide an extra layer of security. They provide an invaluable layer of security for homeowners, as they can detect any suspicious activity and alert the authorities. If you are interested in installing doorbell cameras in your home, simply visit to find a local locksmith professional near you. They can provide you with expert advice and installation services to ensure that your doorbell camera is installed correctly and securely.

    Doorbell cameras also have the potential to capture some truly incredible and unexpected footage, from mysterious creatures and ghostly figures to UFO sightings and wild animals. These moments not only provide a glimpse into the bizarre and unexpected things that can occur outside our homes, but they also spark debates and discussions about the world around us and the mysteries that still remain unsolved.

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