6 cute valentines day present for your girlfriend

    So, Valentine’s Week is about to start, and you must be pretty geared up for it, right? This is the ideal time to let your ladylove know how much she means to you. And the best way to show your love for her is by giving her something sweet and meaningful.

    Did you know that the average amount spent by men on giving Valentine’s gifts is about $291.15? However, no matter what your budget is, this list features some great gift ideas that you can give to her!

    1. Shower steamers

    When it comes to winding down after a long day at work, taking a long bath definitely tops the list. So if you want your girlfriend or wife to relax a little when she’s in the shower, get her some aromatherapy shower steamers.

    All she has to do is place a steamer at the foot of the shower stream. The steamer tablet will melt as the water gushes down, releasing some great fragrances.

    You can buy these tiny little wonders anywhere, from Amazon to Walmart, and they come in various scents like lavender, vanilla, and eucalyptus!

    2. Boots

    Any woman will tell you that owning a good pair of boots is a must. Not only do durable boots make you look stylish, but they also keep your feet warm during winter.

    Ugg boots are known to be a fan favorite. These boots originated in Australia and were then made of sheepskin, but now, you can get Uggs made of synthetic materials too.

    However, the original sheepskin Ugg boots will keep your girlfriend or wife’s feet cool in summer and warm during the winter. Even during monsoons, the sheepskin absorbs excess moisture and keeps their feet dry.

    3. Makeup set

    For the woman who loves to put on chic makeup and slay the floor, a makeup set will surely make her Valentine’s Day extra special!

    You can find great makeup combos in any drugstore as well as at high-end shops. And if you don’t know which brand to choose, then Glossier is here to save the day!

    Some of the best makeup combos are that of Glossier, where you can get their infamous Boy Brow gel, the Cloud Paint blush, and the Lash Slick Mascara. Moreover, this entire set is on sale for Valentine’s Day, so make sure you don’t miss out on this sweet deal!

    4. Custom star map

    This is probably one of the most thoughtful gifts you could ever give her. Simply go to any custom map-making website or store and ask them to make a poster of an important date.

    You can choose the day you both met or when you got married. Or it can even be a date celebrating one of her personal milestones!

    Next, choose the exact location and time where that event took place, and the website will show you the star that flew overhead that very moment. Finally, you can get it framed and add a heartfelt message to tell her about how amazing she is!

    5. Temperature-control mug

    How often has your partner or spouse heated her morning tea and kept it open for hours until it became too cold for her to drink?

    Well, if she’s someone who just can’t get the temperature of her tea or coffee right, then a temperature-control smart mug needs to be there on her shelf! The Ember Smart Mug is available on Amazon and has many cool features.

    Once she charges this mug, it can keep her drink hot for up to 80 minutes. What’s more, it also comes with an intelligent sensor that can turn the mug off when the drink becomes too hot!

    6. Ear studs

    Almost every woman will have statement earrings and big hoops, but the real deal is gifting her a pair of simple yet elegant ear studs.

    Studs go with every kind of look and every piece of clothing imaginable. So no matter where your girl is going, she can easily wear those lovely diamond or platinum studs and own the place.

    An added advantage of ear studs is that they cost much less than the bigger pieces but look twice as beautiful. You can either visit a physical store like Swarovski or hunt down the perfect pair on Amazon! You can also add chocolates to these gifts from Tabs to make it extra special. You might also be wonder does sex chocolate actually work?

    Over to you…

    Now that you have these lovely gift ideas, the next step is to start adding them to your wishlist! So don’t wait; start Googling up these deals now!

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