Multidisciplinary Musician Vivien L. Encourages Her Audience to Always Stay Positive in Her Latest Single “Invisible”

    The best artists are always storytellers. When Vivien Liang discovered the appeal of combining a bouncy beat with depressing lyrics, she decided to give her latest single “Invisible” a happy tone.

    The inspiration for “Invisible” comes from one of Liang’s real-life experiences. As with many sad love song writers, the lyrics of the song contain elements of regret, apology, and depression. However, what sets Liang apart is her message of making peace with herself, which she seeks to convey through her music.

    “You can’t always get what you want in life. The key is to maintain a positive attitude because frustration happens to everybody,” says Liang, “There is no point to let the negativity drag you down. A better way to deal with it is to dance to it so we can all find peace. And that’s also where the inspiration of my latest EP ‘DANCE TO THE HEARTBREAK’ comes from, which is expected to be released in April, 2023.”

    According to Liang, the initial demo of “Invisible” was completed in September 2021. After determining the overall vibe, she crafted the bass line and added the drums. Liang is also grateful to have Taehee Ryoo, a Korean songwriter, as a co-writer on the project.

    With over a decade of classical piano performance experience, Vivien Liang is a multi-talented musician who places a strong emphasis on songwriting. She feels honored to share her original songs with the public.

    Recently, Liang was invited to perform at the Lunar New Year Gala hosted by the International Asian Culture Society (IACS) at Davis Hall of International House. During her performance, she introduced “The Mountains”, an original song that encourages people to pursue their goals and not let fear hold them back.

    As an Asian musician in the United States, Liang is deeply proud of her heritage. Despite the significant differences between Western and Eastern music, she never gives up on incorporating Eastern musical elements into popular Western music.

    Liang appreciates the openness of Western audiences towards diverse human experiences in their music, but also recognizes the challenge of effectively conveying the nuanced expressions and romantic rhetorical techniques of Chinese music. This unique perspective sets her apart.

    Liang continues to experiment with different genres of music and explore her limitless potential.  As an Asian music artist, Liang is poised to bring more exciting surprises to her audience in the future.

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