How Does the Casting Process Work

    Want to know what to expect before, during, and after the casting? Here’s a quick guide on how it usually goes on Houston Casting Calls

    1. Sending the application

    Check out the offers that are published on Use the filters to select exactly the jobs that suit you (acting, modeling, dancing, etc.). Read the job posting carefully and send your feedback and additional materials as needed (e.g. portfolio).

    2. Invitation

    If the casting director thinks you might be suitable for the position, you will be sent an invitation to the casting. Depending on the specifics of the role, the casting can be performed online or in person at the studio.

    3. Casting

    Make sure you arrive on time but be ready to wait. Casting often means long lines. Grab something to read or watch and don’t forget a bottle of water and a snack.

    When you are invited inside, give your portfolio and comp cards to the casting director. Then go to auditions, which vary depending on the position you are applying for.

    • Getting to know you. You may be asked about previous shoots, experience with different brands, etc. It is worth knowing the author of the photos in your portfolio and the names of people you have worked with before.
    • Getting to know your appearance. You may be asked to let your hair down or put it in a ponytail. Try to perform such actions quickly and clearly. This demonstrates your professionalism and saves time to get to know the casting director better.
    • Professional test. You may be asked to walk and pose for a photo or video. Perhaps, the director will ask you to show some emotion (“Imagine that you were given a puppy, and you are indescribably happy”).

    4. Repeated casting

    You may be invited again. This means that the circle of candidates has narrowed. If it is a model casting, you may be going to try on the clothes of the brand to understand if it suits you.

    5. Job offer

    Depending on the scope of the casting, the answer may come in a few days or months.

    You should not make all bets on one casting. Constantly go to auditions and improve self-presentation and professional skills. The more you try, the easier this process will be for you.

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