How To Provide Curb Appeal To Your Business

    As a business, the external parts of the building matter a great deal to the perspective that your customers, clients, and passersby have. Just because your interior looks the part, doesn’t mean your exterior should be dismissed.

    Boosting your company’s curb appeal matters a great deal and can make a big difference to your business and how it’s perceived by the outside world. Whether you’re a new business or one that’s been kicking around for years, here are some top tips for providing curb appeal to your company this year.

    Keep your exteriors clean

    Your exteriors are something you want to keep clean. From the pathways to your external walls, a simple jetwash can make a big difference to the appearance of your business from the outside.

    Window cleaners are something that is worth investing in too. If your business has a lot of glass, then dirt and water stains are going to be easily noticeable, so it’s important you’re doing everything possible to keep them pristine and clean, all year round.

    With all that in mind, make sure you pay attention to the exterior parts of the building to ensure these areas are kept clean.

    Add in some landscaping and seating

    To help encourage staff and other passersby to use the outside space, think about landscaping the surrounding area. You may want to add in some seating, whether that’s benches to picnic tables for those who want to enjoy lunch outside.

    By creating a more enjoyable and accessible outdoor space, it makes for a more welcoming environment in general. Look at what landscaping opportunities are available in your outdoor space and maximize it to help boost its interaction with those in and outside of your building.

    Utilize any display windows

    If you have any display windows available or big glass doors with plenty of space on them, utilize them. These are great advertising spaces and while your business may not be a retailer, display windows are still helpful in encouraging eyes on your company’s establishment. 

    Consider what could be added to these windows in order to draw attention to your building. It could be your own logo, products, or services that your company sells.

    Think about exterior lighting

    Exterior lighting makes a big difference to the space, especially during the evenings when the sun goes down early. Think about what lighting could be added to the space in order to make it pop. From floor lights to lighting in the windows and doors of the building. There’s plenty of space to use and light up.

    Make sure that your branding sticks out

    Branding is important because what sets aside your brick and cement building from the others next to you? As visitors approach the vicinity in which your business is located, the right branding can help them spot your premises.

    Be sure to incorporate your branding not just on the interior, but on the exterior of your building too.

    These tips should help give your business that much-needed boost to those walking by or intent on stopping by.

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