Valorant Swiftplay Mode is Here to Stay

    The mode for quick games is a permanent addition to Valorant.

    Valorant is a challenging team shooter game, but full-fledged games can take a long time to finish. Valorant account holders who are short of free time usually can’t play more than two or three games. Then again, game durations can also be quick, depending on how good your team (or the other) is.

    The Swiftplay mode solves most of those problems, but it won’t increase your rank. Still, it’s still an excellent way to get a couple rounds of practice.

    What is Swiftplay Mode?

    It’s a Best of 9 unranked game mode players can jump into in 15 minutes. The mode is the same Plant/Disarm, but you can buy from the shop from the third round on. Swiftplay can be used to practice for a more serious game.

    Although it works the same as an Unrated game, adjustments were made to account for the shorter durations.

    • All players have 2 points for their ultimate each half.
    • No credit bonuses for a losing streak
    • Credits earned based on round results have been adjusted and are the same for both teams, except for round two, which has a bonus for the winning team last round.

    True to its name, Swiftplay delivers on its promises of a quick game. Each round is lightning fast, and the action swift. A Sudden Death round will be implemented if the teams get four points each.

    History of Swiftplay

    The game mode was announced during the 5.12 patch and will be beta tested until January 10, 2023. It was described as above, keeping the core gameplay loop which modes that deathmatch modes change slightly.

    The beta testing period got extended, and in version 6.03, it became a permanent addition to the game.

    Player Impressions

    Though this is only a best-of-9 game, it can still stretch on a bit if the map is a vast area; however, the opposite is also true. A smaller map means teams can quickly meet and fight each other. Still, it’s not that different from regular games.

    There might be more pressure to win rounds because there are fewer chances to turn it around. After all, the game could end once a team gets to 5 wins. However, that’s also why the fast-paced Swiftplay is more exciting than the usual games.

    In the normal modes, the defending team has a slight disadvantage. They must split up to cover all the stake-planting sites while the attacking side can go together. It’s easier to pick off players when they’re alone, so unless the team has good communication, it’s slightly more challenging to win as defenders. Not impossible, mind. They need some good aim and a little bit of luck to win.

    Once the roles switch, the first defending team can turn things around. Now that they’re attackers, they can get more wins. It is a best-of-24 game. In Swiftplay, It’s entirely possible to keep getting sudden death rounds. It might be easier to get 5 points than 13, but that also applies to the other team.

    Also, even if the players don’t always feel it, long games cause much fatigue for them. Some need a bit of a break before starting a new game, or else their aim or concentration would be shot. Swiftplay is short enough to not trigger it (experience may vary). You can catch a break faster than if they played Unranked or Competitive.


    All in all, it’s an excellent addition to the game. Some players only have enough time to play one game, but this mode allows them to play two for about the same amount of time as one. You also earn the same amount of XP in them as Unrated, 100XP per round + 200XP for every win. Though in total, you’d get less by playing in Swiftplay (theoretically 25 matches vs. 18 when doing two games of the latter).

    Still, that doesn’t change the fact that it allows players to play and earn experience quickly. Otherwise, they might have to go AFK or disconnect in the middle of a match. The mode doesn’t make those things go away completely, but it reduces the chances of a teammate quitting mid-gunfight. It’s also an excellent stage to show off any Valorant skins you have since more people see them in the same amount of time.

    It could be a chill game mode or a more exciting one depending on your view of it. Whichever it is, you can’t deny that Swiftplay is a much-needed feature for those on the go. Enjoy Valorant and the Swiftplay mode!

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