These K-Pop Stars Are Fronting International Campaigns For Luxury Designer Jewelry Brands

    The popularity of Korean pop music has been growing year after year, and designer brands are taking advantage of this development by tapping K-pop stars to front their international campaigns. Some brands have even made drastic changes to their marketing strategy in order to get a piece of the K-pop magic. On March 30, Bottega Veneta creative director Matthieu Blazy took to Instagram to announce that BTS leader RM is the new face of the brand. This marks an important and surprising milestone for the luxury brand, since RM is the first and only official celebrity ambassador for Bottega Veneta.
    But apart from fashion houses, even luxury jewelry brands have been scrambling to sign some of the biggest K-pop stars to front their respective campaigns. There is a huge market for luxury goods in Korea, and since K-pop fans worldwide have a propensity for selling out everything that their favorite stars wear or use, this move makes a lot of sense for brands who want to up their game in the competitive fashion industry. Here are the K-pop singers who have been recently assigned as ambassadors for prominent jewelry labels.
    BTS’ Park Jimin for Tiffany & Co.
    RM’s bandmate, Park Jimin, is known as the It Boy of South Korea as the star has consistently topped the country’s K-pop boy group brand value rankings for years. It’s no wonder that heritage jewelry brand Tiffany & Co. has signed Jimin as their new global ambassador. The BTS vocalist was officially announced as the jeweler’s ambassador on March 2, and under the partnership, he will be appearing in campaigns for Tiffany and will attend prestigious branding events.
    Prior to this partnership, Jimin has always been known for his love of jewelry, often sporting chunky rings, dangling earrings, and even personalized pieces such as gold name necklaces. He has also designed a pair of earrings as part of the Artist-Made Collection By BTS, and the earrings sold out within mere seconds after being released last year. Apart from Tiffany, the vocalist was also announced as Dior’s global ambassador back in January, and this makes him the first male ambassador for the brand.
    New Jeans’ Minji for Chanel
    K-pop girl group New Jeans just made their debut last year, but they certainly made an impact as their fresh sound and Y2K-centric aesthetics captured the interest of music fans worldwide. It’s uncommon for K-pop rookies to be named as ambassadors for major brands, but New Jeans is certainly one step ahead of their contemporaries as almost all of the group’s members have been signed to front campaigns for Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Gucci, Giorgio Armani, and Chanel. The group’s leader, Minji, was recently appointed as Chanel’s newest ambassador, and according to the brand, she will be representing their beauty, fashion, watches, and jewelry categories.
    Blackpink’s Jisoo for Cartier
    Fashion houses love all the girls of Blackpink as members Jisoo, Lisa, Jennie, and Rose have all secured campaigns for various luxury brands. One of the most talked-about partnerships that they got last year was Jisoo’s as the K-pop star was named as Cartier’s global ambassador for their Panthere de Cartier jewelry line. According to reports, the luxury brand went to extreme lengths to secure the partnership with Jisoo since Dior also wanted to sign her for an ambassadorship. It was reported that Cartier doubled Dior’s contract fee to ensure that Jisoo will represent their jewelry line.
    K-pop singers are getting the star treatment from luxury jewelry brands. It’s likely that we’ll see more partnerships in the future as K-pop continues to gain massive amounts of engagement and fans worldwide.

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