The best 80s music for online slots

    With new music constantly being produced, it is easy to forget about music from the past. However, although it has been around 30 to 40 years since the ’80s passed, music from that era still resonates with listeners across all age groups.

    In fact, in recent years the music scene has witnessed a resurgence of 80’s music and people of all ages are beginning to re-appreciate it. As the popularity of online casinos has also grown recently, there is a new trend where 80s music and casino games are becoming intertwined.

    This means that there has been an emergence of mutually beneficial relationships between artists and casino game providers. 80’s music is being featured especially in online slots with Rainbow Riches as they allow the player to listen to the music whilst they play their favourite casino game.

    We cannot discuss 80s music and online slots without mentioning the crazy 80s slot game. This game is heavily inspired by the 1980s and has 5 reels and 3 rows. The catchy soundtrack is one of the best features on the game as it includes recognisable 80s throwback tunes.

    Guns n’ Roses were one of the pioneers in being an 80s band featuring on an online slot game. This has resulted in the Guns n’ Roses Slot which was developed by NetEnt. It has been beneficial for the band as it has alerted people to their music.

    The slot also has eight bonus features which means that players are certainly entertained. They will be able to recognise such popular tracks as Sweet Child O’ Mine and Welcome to the Jungle while they spin the reels on the slot machine.

    Furthermore, the music of Jimi Hendrix is also featured on online slots. The online slot named after this music legend allows his songs to accompany players as they spin the reels in the hopes of winning money. The soundtrack in this game is accompanied by highly visual graphics including flowers and peace signs which truly transports the player into the past.

    Moreover, the Motörhead slot game is perfect for fans of the band and it is regarded as being the most popular online slot based on metal music. Players will be able to listen to such songs as Ace of Spades while they play.

    Indeed, these types of games can attract those who have never experienced playing online slots before as they are keen to listen to their favourite bands like Motörhead in a new way. This game also has a number of relevant symbols that truly make fans of the band feel as though they connect with the game.

    What is even more unique about this game is that the reels are positioned on a live music stage with amplifiers located near the reels. This contributes to creating a more authentic and immersive experience for the player. It feels as though they are present at a real concert without physically being there.

    In addition to these types of bands who have been featured on online slots, KISS has also been present in virtual casino games. This is because they have been seeking to remind a contemporary society of their music by making their way into the online sphere.

    Having been hailed as one of the greatest rock and roll bands in America, this game features a 5-reel slot with 100 paylines. The game replicates that of a concert stage with the appropriate lighting and equipment. Of course, this game is also assisted by the hit KISS songs that were popular in the 80s in order to make the user experience an extremely entertaining one.

    Although Elvis Presley’s music was produced primarily in the 50’s and 60’s, his presence and music continued to have an impact in the 1980s. In fact, nowadays Mississippi’s greatest son has also been immortalized online. If you are a fan of Elvis and are extremely familiar with his discography, it may be time for you to experience the music of the King of Rock n Roll in a new environment.

    The Elvis slot game features songs from all of the eras of his career and his fashion throughout the years. It is the perfect way to take a trip down memory lane if you are a fan of this famous musician whilst being in the running for winning big prizes.

    It is not just solo musicians or band themes from the 80s that feature on these type of online slots. Online slots also derive inspiration from movies that were produced in the 80s. For example, there are several slots which feature the music from the Ghostbusters soundtrack.

    Furthermore, the Top Gun slot game is also popular which gets its name from one of the most popular movies in the 1980s. Including such original music from the movie as ‘Take My Breath Away’, this slot game has been a real hit with both fans of the movie and online slots in general.

    There are a whole host of other online slot games which include music from 80s movies such as Gladiator Jackpot which features the Gladiator soundtrack. The triumph of these types of slots lies in their ability to seamless weave 80s films with casino based games without confusing or boring the player.

    In summary, the musicians and films listed above are only a small selection of those online slot games that feature sounds from the 80s. When playing online slots like these you should remember to also take into consideration the RTP, slot volatility, jackpots and bonus features. It is clear that featuring music from the 80s in online slots certainly creates a unique experience for the player.

    This is because it is entertaining and pleasant to listen to throwback music when you are spinning the reels of an online slot machine. Moreover, it is not just casino operators that benefit from including 80s music on their slots.

    By permitting online slot providers to feature their music on their slots, 80s bands are able to increase their influence and become more popular by reaching more people in an unusual fashion.

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