What steps can you take to extend the life of your car?

    When buying a car with hard-earned money, its owner, as a rule, treats it very carefully. On average, foreign-made cars serve motorists for about 8 years (for a given time), and domestic ones, respectively, for 15 years. But this is far from the limit, and this applies to a particularly caring car owner. Well, for negligent users, such a period of car service can end after some 3-4 years. You should not forget that the reliability and duration of operation of cars of different makes and models differ from each other. All of them need different frequencies of repairs in the form of repairs, for example, car electrical repair, car body repair, car scanning, and diagnostics.  However, the same correct and timely care of vehicles, for example, the use of 3M car paint protection film guarantees its owner an unconditional extension and increase in such a service life.

    If you like taking care of cars, then we advise you to consider this activity as an opportunity to open your own business.

    Car enthusiast tips

    Specialists and ordinary car owners with extensive life experience in maintenance and preventive maintenance, in order to extend the life of the car, advise the follow some tips:

    1. Carefully study the device of the car.
    2. Constantly monitor the cleanliness of the car interior.
    3. Regularly change the oil in it.
    4. Timely check the condition of the working fluids in the machine.
    5. Take care of the car body.
    6. Timely eliminate even the slightest malfunctions that have arisen in it.
    7. Monitor the condition of the tires and take proper care of them.
    8. Choose the correct driving mode for the car.
    9. Carry out maintenance only at specialized service stations.
    10. Carry out maintenance of your car regularly and in a timely manner.

    Studying the device of the car

    For experienced drivers, this advice will seem a bit ridiculous, but, nevertheless, friends should not forget that technological progress does not stand still and with it, more and more new technologies appear in the world. Many car components are being improved and therefore it is necessary for all drivers, without exception, to know about this – that is, both beginners and professionals.

    The interior of the car must always be dry and clean

    By the way, the interior of the car looks, one can judge the owner himself, as well as his attitude towards his “iron friend”. Sitting in an unkempt dirty car interior, you will surely hear and feel extraneous noise or rumble, or various types of rattling in it, although this car may not be that old. In a humid car interior, many electronic devices can break down and fail, and naturally, extraneous unpleasant odors can appear. Experts advise drivers to change the air filters in the car every 20 thousand kilometers. Regular car valeting not only mantains the aesthetics but also insures a clean and well-kept interior, reducing the likelihood of these issues and preserving the overall

    Change of oil

    Try to use exactly the brands of oils that the manufacturer of this vehicle offers. Using cheaper substitutes, will cause irreparable damage to the motor and thereby reduce its working activity. Engine oil for full and long-term operation of the engine must be changed regularly. By regularly changing the engine oil in the engine, you thereby ensure the long and trouble-free operation of this engine and at the same time keep its internal parts clean.

    Working fluids and consumables

    Several types of working fluids take part in the operation of the car, which requires special attention, that is, brake fluid and fluid in the cooling system, fluid in the automatic transmission and power steering, as well as fluid in the transfer case. Studying the instruction manual, you need to pay attention to the timing of changing or topping up these fluids. By complying with the manufacturer’s requirements, you thus prolong the life of your machine.

    Car body and maintenance

    So that the body of your car does not turn into a rusty holey sieve in just a few years of operation, it is also necessary to take care of it no less carefully than the engine or other mechanisms of the car. It is necessary to process the very bottom of the machine and other parts very well, this must be done with anti-corrosion compounds, and you can even do it yourself using a conventional paintbrush.

    Experts also advise drivers not to keep cars in heated garages in winter, this only starts to develop corrosion faster.

    Try to make the engine idle as little as possible, and do not use any kind of various additives unknown to you and other newfangled “gadgets”, they will only shorten the life of your car.

    Try not to overload the car beyond the norm, always treat your “friend” and assistant with care. Good luck and success to all!

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