How Convenience Has Changed the Gaming World

    It used to be the case that if you wanted to play video games, you had to have a home computer of some description or a console you plugged into the TV. Those games have grown in quality and complexity over the decades but require you to sit down for possibly several hours at a time and immerse yourself in what you are doing.

    While that is not a problem, those who just want something to play while they are waiting for the bus or in a spare five minutes were left out, as were those that didn’t have their own computer or the ability to use the household TV for hours on end.

    This all changed as games for your phone became more popular, and like their console equivalents, grew in quality. This convenience has changed the way people play games and for some, even the definition of gamer itself.

    Freemium games

    This is a broad term for what is probably the most popular type of game played on mobile devices. Freemium is used to describe any software or game that is free to use but where you can buy enhancements to improve your experience. In the gaming world, these games come in many formats, the most popular of which are Match 3 games, management games, and RPGS.

    An example of a match 3 type game might be Candy Crush, and the management games can be anything from running your own virtual diner, farm, township, island, or mythical kingdom. This ties in nicely with RPGs, where you can build characters and have them interact with the world around them. In all of these circumstances, you can buy extra resources, lives, or equipment or stick to the free-to-play regime.

    Casino Games

    Another growth area has been the rise of casino games in locations where they are allowed by law. Technology has played its part in taking casinos online so that those that live far away from a land-based casino don’t miss out. In recent years the quality of games has improved to help create a more authentic experience, to the point where live dealer options are available at most sites.

    This has also created a slight problem where there are now so many online casinos available that you can spend longer looking for the right one than you might spend playing the games. This is where guidance from sites like is useful, as they have already checked most of these sites out for you and rated them.

    Final thoughts

    Playing games on your mobile device used to involve clunky graphics and little or no online interaction. In recent years, technology has gifted players with a host of new games that they can play, matching crystals, slaying dragons, or just making sure their virtual cows get milked on time. It has also given players the chance to have their own online casino in the palm of their hand, as well as access to sites that tell them which ones are best.

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