Madeline Kenney Unveils New Single ‘I Drew a Line’

    Madeline Kenney has released ‘I Drew a Line’, the second preview of her upcoming LP A New Reality Mind. The Sucker’s Lunch follow-up was led by the single ‘Superficial Conversation’. Check out the new track below.

    “I’ve been thinking a lot about the stories I tell myself to keep plodding along, and how those stories can obfuscate certain realities,” Kenney said of ‘I Drew a Line’ in a statement. “Stories not only set limits but also set us up for the most frightening awakening when life starts to contradict the story. When I went through a breakup I realized that the story I had been living out was much different in the plain light of day than what I had constructed out of fantasy. I think it’s very human to tell stories, and I think it can protect us, but what if we don’t need protection? What purpose does the story serve then?”

    A New Reality Mind arrives July 28 via Carpark.

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