Dragonflight Season 2: Mythic+ Affixes & Farming Tactics

    The highly anticipated second season of Dragonflight is there, bringing new challenges and rewards for adventurers brave enough to venture into the Mythic+ dungeons. With Season 2 comes a fresh set of Mythic+ affixes, which will test your skills and teamwork like never before. Keep reading to find out the key changes, new rotations, and tactics to increase your skill and farm speed in Mythic+ WoW Dragonflight season 2. If you have no time to dive deep into new game mechanics and are looking for someone to carry your character, you can always order WoW Mythic boost services. Get geared up and obtain top weekly rewards from raids and Mythic+ by hiring the best. 

    Fortified & Tyrannical (Level 2+)

    Starting from key level 2, Tyrannical and Fortified affixes appear and alternate every week. 

    • Fortified gives all mobs 20% more health and increases their damage by up to 30%
    • Tyrannical empowers bosses, augmenting their health by 30% and boosting the damage dealt by both bosses and their minions by 15%

    Building an effective group composition and selecting appropriate talents becomes crucial during Fortified weeks. Focus on abilities that excel in area-of-effect damage and crowd control to efficiently handle packs of empowered mobs. During Tyrannical Week, go for those classes that specialize in damage to solo targets, namely bosses.

    Entangling (Level 7+)

    Entangling revolves around the periodic emergence of entangling vines within the encounter. When an entangling vine spawns beneath you, simply move away from it by 10 yards to break free and prepare yourself for a 30% reduction in your movement speed. Failing to break free from the vines will result in a 3-second stun, so it is crucial to time your movements appropriately. Maintaining a safe distance from the vines is the key.

    Afflicted (Level 7+)

    Afflicted affix periodically spawns Afflicted Souls that use Afflicted Cry, a debuff that reduces players’ speed by 100% for 10 seconds. The number of affected souls that spawn is random, but they can only spawn in groups of 1, 2, or not at all.

    All you need to do is carefully manage your positioning, utilize line-of-sight, and employ dispels or healing to overcome the effects of the Afflicted Souls’ abilities. Get outside the debuff’s radius, which is about 60 yards. More importantly, Afflicted Souls can come with three “afflictions” that can be removed by healing them to full health with just direct healing. You can also dispel the debuff by Priest, Monk, Druid, Mage, Shaman, and Paladin. That’s why these classes are top effective during the Afflicted affix.

    Incorporeal (Level 7+)

    The Incorporeal modifier periodically summons groups of 0, 1, or 2 enemies at regular intervals of 45 seconds. It casts the Destabilize debuff on the party causing a 50% damage and healing reduction for 10 seconds. Incorporeal enemies remain present for 20 seconds before despawning.

    The Destabilize cast by Incorporeal enemies must be stopped using any single-target crowd control ability. It is worth noting, that Incorporeal beings have ALL mob types of abilities. So you can use any single-target skills like Blind, Turn Evil, Kidney Shot, etc. 

    Storming (Level 7+)

    Storming is an affix that draws in substantial numbers of enemies simultaneously, resulting in an increased spawn rate of tornadoes. The number of tornadoes spawned by Storming scales up when fighting more enemies simultaneously. When a player is hit by a tornado, that specific tornado will despawn. when dealing with this affix, it is recommended to form an RDD/SPD group because they will be able to kite whirlwinds more easily to not take damage. 

    Volcanic (Level 7+)

    When entering combat, players sometimes end up on top of Volcanic Plumes. Neglecting to dodge these fiery eruptions results in a stinging blow that knocks you up. The Volcanic affix is similar to Storming. The only difference is that Volcanic Plumes spawn under characters that are at a distance from the enemies, and not in a melee zone. This affix is relatively easy to deal with but can be lethal when combined with other dungeon mechanics. It is also important to keep in mind that the number of spawns of the Volcanic Plumes increases as the number of opponents rises. So keep an eye on it.

    Bolstering (Level 14+)

    During a Bolstering week, when a non-boss enemy perishes, it applies a single stack of the Bolster buff to every other enemy engaged in combat within a 30-yard radius. Bolster strengthens enemies by boosting their damage by 20% for 20 seconds. Each stack of Bolster adds 20% damage up to 100%, and they fall off one by one. Bosses and certain mobs like Spiteful are immune to Bolster, neither giving nor receiving the stacks.

    Damage prioritization is key, focusing on enemies proportionally based on their health to ensure they die around the same time. Crowd control can be used to separate enemies with different health pools, and utilizing the 30-yard range can prevent stacks Bolsters from being applied.

    Raging (Level 14+)

    Raging is an affix that affects all mobs, increasing their damage when their health falls below 30%. When dealing with this affix, all you need is not to lower several targets to low HP at the same time. It is also worth noting that certain classes have abilities that can remove Enrage effects from mobs, such as Druids with Soothe, Rogues with Shiv, etc. So watch out for them as well.

    Bursting (Level 14+)

    Bursting is a dangerous affix for groups dealing with a lot of AoE damage and killing a lot of trash packs at the same time. During the action of this affix, most mobs explode after death and hang the Burst effect that inflicts 7387 Shadow DPS. What’s more, this effect stacks based on the level of the keystone with a maximum value of +15. Therefore, it is important to kill mobs one at a time and be mindful of the time. The other effective tactic is to have a priest in the party who can dispel the debuff with Mass Dispel.

    Sanguine(Level 14+)

    The main feature of this affix is that when most mobs die, they leave a pool of Sanguine Ichor behind. This pool lasts for 12 seconds healing their allies for 5% of their max health per second and damaging players for 15% of their max health per second. Therefore, the main battle tactic during the action of this affix is to keep the enemy who is about to die away from other opponents. The tank can do this, and the other party members can help by using displacement effects such as knockback or grappling.

    Improve Your WoW Gameplay

    In the world of Mythic+ dungeons, where challenges constantly evolve, staying up-to-date with the latest affixes is crucial. It empowers you to overcome obstacles, maximize your potential, and ensure smooth progression through dungeons. So, whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the game, embracing the importance of knowing fresh WoW affixes is a key aspect of becoming a successful adventurer in Azeroth.

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