LOFTIA: A New MMO That Achieved TikTok Popularity

    Inspired by The Sims, Animal Crossing, and Minecraft, kick-started by Australian couple Michael and Martina alongside a team of 5 developers (2022) – known as Qloud Games. Loftia is described as an “MMO, solar punk video game” encouraging players (or so-called ‘Loftians’) to create and customise a cosy sustainable world. “A home away from home”.

    Now in 2023, with a small team of just over 20 people, the transition for the game to be built on Unreal Engine 5 was a turning point for Loftia as stated by the team, shying from being just a hobby.

    Having uploaded extensive behind-the-scenes footage on TikTok from “A Day in the Life of a Video Game Developer”, to frequent viewer-directed content. For example, upon introducing new NPC Amani into Loftia, viewers were asked to suggest “fun character traits” that could be included. As a result of such engagement, Loftia has seen much attraction.

    More recently, a TikTok released on the 29th of May titled “Housing Customisation” received almost 6 million views and over 1 million likes. The video later questioned the audience as to “which housing styles Loftia should include?”. It was clear to see that the majority of the 15,000 comments responded with fruitful ideas, with user younasteh commenting “THIS IS MY TYPE OF GAME. tbh im a maximalist so I want it all”. Another user, Gem Zape commented saying “I love this! Will be following your journey! Excited for this”.

    Source: TikTok

    This engagement quickly translated to growth and development for Lofita, with the official TikTok account surpassing 150,000 followers, gaining more than 160,000 on Instagram, and almost 20,000 on Discord this past year.

    Such content already teased in recent TikTok videos includes an Eco-friendly Bakery, Flying Fish Wind Turbines, and a virtual Study Café designed for the Loftian as described by Michael and Martina to “achieve their goals and connect with long distant friends and family” by customising to-do lists and listening to music.

    Qloud encourages Loftia to be more than just a game, but a chance to educate and advocate for sustainability. Its developers believe Loftia has the power to promote positive environmental change which is so heavily reflected in the game’s design.

    MMO’s possess a notorious reputation for their developmental difficulty and competence. Yet, the team is adamant that they will provide a great experience.

    Nevertheless, Qloud recently planned a kick-starter campaign from August 1st, 2023, with the aim to provide a crowdfunding source to ensure the release and reality of Loftia. An actual release date for Loftia has yet to be announced, but we hope this educational, relaxing, and cosy game makes its way to all platforms soon.

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