Quarterback is just in time to get us back into the NFL

    The latest offering from Netflix’s dive into the world of sports documentary series, Quarterback couldn’t have come at a better time to build some excitement leading into the NFL season. Taking a look at three very different QB’s at varying stages of their careers, there was a surprising amount of depth into their lives, loves, and limitations.

    It certainly feels like the NFL is mired in controversy right now with several players facing suspension this off-season, so it’s refreshing to take a look backwards and remember what we actually have to look forward to in a couple months. 

    And there is a lot to be excited about, especially when the final episode wraps up with a recap of the game winning drive in Super Bowl 57. 

    Similar to Netflix’s Drive to Survive and Break Point, Quarterback will also likely have a significant impact on the NFL betting industry, as there are more betting sites for Americans than ever trying to get prepped for the upcoming football season. 

    And while the series doesn’t explicitly discuss how much sports betting has influenced the game, it’s silly not to think that a focused series on pivotal players may shift fans into thinking they have an insight into why teams are winning. This was certainly the case when it came to how sportsbooks began highlighting specific golfers after Full Swing aired. 

    But oddly enough, the actual quarterbacks in the series may be the most disappointing part. While there is no doubt following a player like Patrick Mahomes around is exciting, both Cousins and Mariota just don’t have the same appeal, particularly Mariota who, without a strong season to back him, seemed almost forced to be an integral part of the series with too heavy a reliance on his personal journey without the on field accolades to support his presence in the show. 

    That being said, Cousins has had a strange relationship with the public, and while he may not have become any more likable through the series, there is no doubt that watching Quarterback will give a serious sense of appreciation to his dedication and desire to win. 

    Unlike Drive to Survive and even Break Point, there was a distinct lack of on screen rivalry where we actually could get a feel for how these athletes work against their biggest challenges and sporting opposition. And, there is a lot less insight from the players that could make the game footage more dynamic from the perspective of a key player. 

    Sure, the talking head segments provide some interesting details, but no one is better placed than the QB of a team to really dissect the exact moments on the field and they need to react – we just wanted more, and even if Mahomes filled the gap with this for SBLVII, there were plenty of other moments through the season when more on field commentary could have been highlighted.

    But if the main purpose of Quarterback was to actually humaise these NFL stars, it scores, and we can’t discount that seeing the actual lives and personalities of the players off the field is interesting, just in a different way. 

    We did say that the QBs in the show were the most disappointing part, and while this may be true for the actual show, seeing how their respective careers are going to pan out in the next NFL season is definitely interesting, as they are all completely spread out over what can be expected. 

    Everyone who tunes into Quarterback will definitely be waiting to see if Mariota gets a chance at the Eagles if Hurts is forced off the field, or if Cousins can finally make some magic happen in the playoffs, and of course if Mahomes is going to add yet another Lombardi Trophy to his collection.

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