Jackman and Reynolds finally Meet in Deadpool 3

    Everyone loves a celebrity romance and fans love a celebrity bromance even more. For the last decade or so, no bromance throughout Hollywood has been more entertaining than that of Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman. Across all forms of social media and a fair few in-person appearances, the two have been slinging friendly jabs and love messages back and forth for years.

    With the upcoming release of Deadpool 3, the pair will finally feature in the buddy film of their dreams.

    Nods and References

    The original team-up between Reynolds and Jackman goes back to the general disaster of a film that was X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Both actors were in the same roles although the treatment of Deadpool in general was an infamously poor one. Since then Reynolds, who originally advocated so heavily for the character, has been less than subtle in dropping hints about getting a proper version done between two characters with a storied history in the original comics.

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    Glamour shots of Jackman have since appeared multiple times throughout Deadpool and its sequel, the opening shot of the original calls out Wolverine in the first few lines of the entire movie, and Jackman has even appeared in small videos with Reynolds in full costume. Finally, later last year, we finally got Reynolds talking about the future of Deadpool and as Jackman casually walked through the back of the shot, everything was set.

    Oh Canada

    It only gets passing mentions in the first two Deadpool films but both Reynolds and the character Wade Wilson are both proud Canadian patriots, and the actor is constantly working behind the scenes to raise the profile of the national film industry. Many also tend to forget that although Hugh Jackman is Australian, Wolverine is also Canadian and we can expect this film to fly the flag of Canada very hard.

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    If played correctly, Canadian companies from hotels to developers and even casinos could well leverage the spotlight, especially given Reynolds’ legendary promotion skills. In the latter case, while seeing Deadpool himself make an appearance is less likely, savvy developers could easily push out some Canadian superhero slots on the best sites for online slots in Ontario, Calgary and everywhere else across the country. Rivals DC have already licensed slots around Superman and the Justice League so it’s not as big a leap as it seems.

    The End of Wolverine?

    The fact that Reynolds managed to coax Jackman effectively out of retirement, long after his portrayal of Wolverine was meant to be dead and gone, was already a miracle. The odds of Jackman carrying on with the character beyond the film are extremely low and this could very well be the last ride for this version before Marvel inevitably try recasting the role for their new X-Men. We have no real way of knowing how this Wolverine will go out at the end of the film or if they’ll find another way to write the character out but we’re not likely to see him again.

    Deadpool 3 is currently slated for a May 4th release next year although recent developments in Hollywood have made that a little murky. Still, the bromance finally coming together remains an upcoming highlight for superhero fans.

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