Watch Spotlight: The Accurate by Mr Jones Watches

    In the vast realm of horology, where precision meets artistry, Mr Jones Watches introduces The Accurate, a timepiece that employs philosophical meaning with minimalist design. With a simple quartz movement but an intriguing aesthetic, this watch is worthy of discussion and celebration for its originality. Thus, we proudly cover The Accurate in our latest spotlight.


    The Accurate’s design thrives on minimalism paired with profound meaning. At its forefront, the metal hour hand is gracefully inscribed with the word “remember,” while the minute hand, in a thoughtful contrast, states, “you will die.” According to Mr Jones Watches, this isn’t a mere design choice for aesthetic allure but is deeply rooted in the memento mori tradition. Historically, such artefacts served as reminders of life’s fleeting nature, urging individuals to cherish every moment. By integrating this message, Mr Jones Watches blends historical gravitas with a contemporary style that radiates playful appeal.

    The watch comes in two colours: black and silver. It is also held by a standard black leather strap, uniting the clean look of the piece.


    Movement-wise, there is not much to comment on, but a friendly Quartz-movement Ronda 513 is a suitable solution for this type of watch. However, it would be interesting to see how a manual-winding movement could be incorporated within the design, potentially for more “philosophical” meaning. Nevertheless, Mr Jones Watches doesn’t brand itself as a high-end luxury brand that develops complicated movements in-house but instead as a lifestyle watch brand that makes playful watches.


    The Accurate by Mr Jones Watches is undoubtedly a delightful watch that incorporates and combines philosophy and simplistic design into one. While it is not a groundbreaker in terms of complexity, it can make for a fun watch to own if you love unique pieces that get people talking. With a price tag of £195, it will certainly not break the bank.

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