A Guide to DIY Vaping: How to Make Your Own E-Liquid

    Vaping is a hobby that you can get quite surprisingly involved in especially with a DIY vape. While you can start off by buying relatively simple, disposable vapes with one pound e-liquids from online stores (and that’s always the most recommended option), if you really want to get into it, you can. 

    People make their own custom devices, and you can have a lot of fun making your own personalised e-liquid flavours. If you feel like cooking up a storm, here’s a quick run-through of what you’ll need to do. 

    What is e-liquid?

    First, a quick explanation of what e-liquid actually is. It’s generally made using four principal ingredients – a base made from a mix of propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG), some flavourings, water, and in most cases, nicotine. As you can see, it’s relatively simple – however, it’s important that you get the mixture just right, or it can be very dangerous.

    Get some supplies

    Once you’ve done your research, you can get your materials together. This will include some empty bottles with dropper pipets, a very accurate scale, some gloves and safety glasses, and syringes. You’ll also need the relevant ingredients, depending on what you’ve chosen to use.

    A word of warning – nicotine is dangerous

    The only really potentially dangerous ingredient in vape juice is nicotine, but it’s incredibly important to treat it with plenty of care. You should wear gloves and safety glasses, and try to ensure that you don’t have exposed skin. Make sure you leave the nicotine in a safe space, where no one might accidentally touch it. 

    Choose a flavour

    While selecting your ingredients, you’ll want to have chosen a range of flavour concentrates to add to your creations. There are any number of options to choose between, and you can combine them to create something that’s totally unique. Be creative, but try just making small amounts of each one at first, to make sure you don’t waste materials on something that ends up being dreadful.

    Flavored vapes are a great way to enjoy the delicious dessert taste without all the calories and sugar. They’re also perfect for on-the-go vaping, as there’s no need to refill or recharge them. Disposable vapes in vanilla flavors are particularly popular among people with a sweet tooth.

    Measure everything out

    It’s important to measure things out very accurately, in order to ensure that what you make is safe for use. You want to be incredibly careful when mixing in the nicotine, as getting it even slightly wrong can have serious implications on your health.

    You can use both syringes and highly accurate scales to measure out how much of each ingredient you’re including, and make sure that you use an online nicotine calculator to get your quantities just right.

    Mix and let it rest

    When you have the quantities all measured out, you can mix them together. Add the base liquids first, then the nicotine, then flavours and water. It’s important to leave the e-liquid for a certain amount of time before using it, to ensure that it’s properly mixed together – the manufacturer of the ingredients you’re using should provide more information on how long to leave it.

    Armed with this knowledge, you should be able to go out and start making the perfect e-liquid combinations for you. Get creative – who knows, you might strike gold!

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