Michigan Events Calendar: Mark Your Dates for These Exciting Gatherings

    Festivals and fairs during the entire year. Never-ending events, and every single day filled with something new and experiences you will never get to forget. Even though it sounds practically impossible that there is a place on Earth where every day is celebrated, you are absolutely wrong. In Michigan, you never get to live the same day twice in a row. This amazing state has so many things to offer, including some of the most interesting events in the world. So, we have prepared a list of the events you will find interesting. Ask yourself how you did not know about them earlier. 

    Western Michigan Fair, Ludington 

    Big cities are always interesting places to visit and live, but there is a special charm surrounding small places and small towns. Smaller towns have the leverage to set themselves apart from big cities by organizing events that involve the entire community. This outstanding fair traditionally starts on August 6th and ends on August 12th. The Western Michigan Fair is the event where you will see the entire community participating and people enjoying seeing their neighbors, friends, and family celebrate the waning days of summer and appreciate inborn family values. A fun fact about this Festival is that, with the exception of WWII, it has been held every year since 1936 in Ludington. It was modified in 2020 because of the concerns surrounding the COVID-19 virus. There are many different events happening during the fair, but the most interesting one is the real attraction of the fair, which is the 4-H exhibits and animals. Young people from the area work really hard during the year to raise their sheep, cows, chickens, and rabbits and wait for the judge’s ribbon. 

    Outlaw Music Festival

    When you see the lineup for this festival, you will realize that it is legendary. Reading names such as Willie Nelson and Family, Street Cheese Incident, Bob Weir, and Wolf Bros, you know that the show would be epic. So, the Outlaw Music Festival is the one that starts the fall season on a serious note. This traveling festival’s first stop is Clarkston, Michigan, in September and is led by the legendary Willie Nelson. Since this is something like a once in a lifetime experience, it is the best option for you to lock those cards out as soon as possible. 

    Halloween & Trick-or-Treating 

    The sky is heavy, with ominous clouds hanging low above the city. Your skin crawls when hit by a cold wind, and you see trees turning the color of flames. It is October- a time when ghouls, witches, and pumpkins come out to scare whoever passes and startle innocent souls in search of treats. Of course, we are talking about Halloween, the scariest time in Michigan. Do not forget to bring your treats, you will need them. 

    Michigan is a phenomenal state where you really can have an amazing time. A huge number of annual festivals and events, which you will be amazed to see, take place all across the country. You should not be playing games; go and visit festivals.

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