5 Reasons to Buy a Raymond Weil Freelancer Pop Bi-Compax Chronograph

    With the release of Raymond Weil’s limited edition Freelancer Pop Bi-Compax Chronographwe have compiled a list of reasons why this watch could make a great addition to your watch collection. As an entry-level luxury piece, the movement and overall aesthetics hit every note as an ode to live music and here is why we love it.


    Being a versatile watch is essential to any daily or occasional wear. From dazzling outfits to fancy dinner parties, the watch and overall outfit must fit within the event’s style guidelines. Luckily, this limited edition Freelancer does just that with its black ceramic tachymeter bezel, gradient black dial with two turquoise counters, and lovely titanium bracelet.


    The piece carries an RW5030 mechanical chronograph bi-compax calibre with automatic winding which can be seen from the lovely caseback. While the movement is nothing new, it has become a treasured element of previous Freelancer Chronograph pieces by Raymond Weil.


    Made out of titanium, the stunning bracelet carries a smooth metallic look that, as mentioned above, can be worn for eclectic experiences. It aids in complimenting the dial and the bezel while being more robust than typical stainless steel watches. It is truly one of the defining and favoured components of the watch.

    Dial & Bezel

    The dial and the bezel are gorgeous; the colour combination of black and turquoise go hand-in-hand and create a seamless symphony which aids in developing a contemporary look that is enticing and appealing.

    It’s Limited Edition

    Let’s be honest. A limited edition piece is always more desirable. As watch people, we love to own a watch that most people won’t know exists, or let alone own. Luckily with this piece, the same is true. With only 400 pieces made, the watch is in high demand and is becoming a favoured piece among Raymond Weil fanatics.

    Modestas Mankus
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