Top 8 Manicure Trends for 2023 and a Sneak Peek into the Next Fashion Season

    Nail art, like fashion, follows its own trends, allowing you to effortlessly enhance your nails with intricate patterns, captivating designs, and a mix of colours and techniques. Each year, skilled artisans reveal versatile and flawless designs that perfectly match any outfit, igniting excitement among trend-conscious individuals to proudly display these exquisite nail art creations.

    What’s Hot in Manicures in 2023?

    The 2023 manicure trends, guided by expert nail artists, encompass both timeless traditions and innovative styles, catering to short nails, subtle designs, and classic shades. Let’s explore the world of manicure fashion designs for this season.

    Micro French Manicure

    The inception of the French manicure dates back to the 1970s when a prominent Hollywood director sought the expertise of Jeff Pink, the visionary behind ORLY nail polish, in devising a technique to grace actresses’ nails, ensuring compatibility with a myriad of film outfits. This endeavour yielded the inception of the Original French Manicure.

    Recently, the French manicure experienced a triumphant resurgence, with the latest iteration sporting an even finer tip strip, exuding an air of subtlety and practicality. Take inspiration from Dior and Simone Rocha runway displays.

    Stiletto Nail Design

    While the micro French manicure embraces rounded and natural aesthetics, stiletto nails, deriving from the Italian term “stiletto”, meaning “dagger,” counterintuitively feature elongated and pointed shapes. However, this year’s prevailing advice from nail experts leans toward opting for shorter stiletto nail variants, a more pragmatic choice.

    Shades of Nude

    While attention-grabbing chrome manicures and marbled nail designs dominate social media feeds, the ever-relevant beige hues assert their prominence in 2023. The allure of minimalist design, executed with understated neutral polishes, lies in their innate compatibility with any outfit and their enduring appeal, which surpasses that of vibrant tones.

    Emphasis on Nail Accents

    Ranging from rhinestones to glitters, matte to glossy finishes, textural accents remain in vogue this year. Of the more unconventional trends, nail piercing and jewellery-like embellishments add a touch of elegance.

    Gothic Nail Art

    As anticipated, the Gothic wave, propelled by the success of the “Wednesday” series, permeates fashion runways, extending its influence to manicure trends. Celebrities such as Hailey Bieber often opt for bold black hues.

    However, embracing this trend need not entail exclusive adherence to black; inspiration can be drawn from the Versace, and Schiaparelli showcases, offering a broader spectrum of options.

    “Rich Girl Manicure”

    Jennifer Lopez spearheaded the “rich girl nails” trend, with nail artist Tom Bachik at the helm. Followers of this trend, including Nicola Peltz and Lily Collins, attribute its appeal to skilful shade selection—specifically, creamy tones with a subtle grey undertone.


    Hot pink shades, enlivening our wardrobes, now grace the realm of nail beauty trends. Barbicore-style manicures, noted in the displays of Batsheva, Peter Do, and others, epitomise this vibrant hue’s ascent.

    Chrome Nails

    The legacy of “glazed” nails, initially showcased by Hailey Bieber, Dua Lipa, and Lizzo, continues to resonate. This trend, encompassing a spectrum of silver, bronze, metallic, and milky white hues, sustains its captivating allure.

    Manicure Colours for 2023

    The array of fashionable manicure colours in 2023 is delightfully diverse, making the task of pinpointing overarching trends a real challenge. Nude tones, captivating greens, various shades of pink, lilac, and blue, along with jewel-like hues, chocolate, coffee, and wine-inspired tones, compose a veritable kaleidoscope of choices. Check out the SIMPLY nail polish collection for inspiration.

    The top shades of the season include:

    • Pistachio
    • Lilac
    • Mint
    • Deep emerald
    • Milky white
    • Blue
    • Pale blue
    • Olive
    • Pale yellow

    Short Nail Manicures in 2023

    As ever, the timeless elegance of the French manicure resonates beautifully with short nails. A contemporary twist for 2023 involves opting for a milky or grey base, although traditional nude shades remain a steadfast choice. Graphic motifs, such as angular “smile” patterns and combinations of glossy and matte textures, inject modernity into this classic style.

    Thin lines and abstract marble designs harmonise exquisitely with short nails, embracing minimalism to its fullest. Gradient effects and stamping techniques also maintain their relevance, either in tandem or as standalone elements.

    Those seeking the perfect short nail manicure can adopt a “different hands” approach—crafting distinct designs for each hand. With the right choice of shades and designs, you are sure to achieve the most fashionable 2023 manicure.

    Manicure Trends for Long Nails in 2023

    Long nails offer an expansive canvas for artistic exploration, allowing for a diverse range of designs. Among the captivating novelties of 2023 manicure trends, an alluring trend involves imitating various natural textures—ranging from wood and precious stones to marble and amber—infusing nails with a distinctive look. The opulent charm of rubbed manicures, harnessing metallic, pearly, or mirrored effects through the application of powders, adds an enchanting dimension to this season’s celebration.

    For long nails, a refined selection of deep, noble tones and intricate painting techniques is advised, as overly dark or vibrant shades may be better suited for shorter nails. The synergy of gradient effects with stamping or the fusion of rubbing techniques with rhinestone embellishments can yield captivating results. Personal creativity takes centre stage as you amalgamate the myriad of 2023 manicure trends into a uniquely expressive statement.

    Top Design Concepts for Fall-Winter 2023-2024

    Modern nail art knows no boundaries in terms of combining techniques, emphasising the paramount importance of maintaining a neat and harmonious nail aesthetic. By selecting the ideal manicure, you showcase your appreciation for beauty, fashion, style, and impeccable taste. It is advisable to stay attuned to the latest fashion currents, as this practice consistently contributes to the enhancement of your overall image.

    The contemporary landscape of fashion underscores a preference for simplicity and accessibility, allowing beauty enthusiasts of all backgrounds to exude comfort and style. Accordingly, complex nail designs replete with excessive decoration are giving way to more understated and refined aesthetics.

    Foremost design concepts this season:

    • Abstraction: Playful patterns such as dotted motifs, artful strokes, seamless gradients, splotches, and randomly placed elements characterise the abstract trend, offering an avant-garde expression.
    • Animal print: From zebra and leopard to tiger, giraffe, turtle, and snake, animal prints elevate autumn-winter manicures to new heights. Contrasting these prints with deep or nude shades enhances their sophistication.
    • Foil embellishments: The prevailing metallic allure of the autumn-winter season welcomes foil accents in gold, silver, and an array of colours. Their integration into complex, multifaceted designs seamlessly transitions from daytime to evening looks.
    • Monochromatic sophistication: A flawlessly executed monochromatic manicure remains timeless and stylish regardless of the season or shifting fashion landscapes.
    • Negative space elegance: Embracing the minimalist spirit of the season, a “naked” manicure boasts a strikingly concise yet chic aesthetic.
    • Timeless French: The enduring classic of a French manicure retains its relevance and allure.
    • Multicolour expressions: Unconventional gradient techniques, applying varied hues to individual nails, harmoniously blend multiple seasonal shades into a cohesive and dynamic ensemble.

    In your pursuit of the ultimate manicure, you not only express your affinity for beauty and style but also celebrate the dynamic realm of contemporary fashion. By staying attuned to the nuances of these trends, you ensure that your image, appearance, and nails consistently reflect your inherent elegance and sophistication.

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