Understanding sweep coins: The currency of the game in sweepstake casinos

    Sweepstake Casinos have emerged as a popular form of gaming for many, especially in locations like the US and Canada.

    They provide players who are located in states and provinces that do not permit legal iGaming activities with the opportunity to enjoy the next best thing. They are sites that offer the same types of games – such as slots and table games – but without the element of risk. Players are able to play without using real money, as they can use a virtual currency that has been specifically designed for sweepstakes play.

    These are known as sweep coins, and be used in various ways to enhance and maximize each session that is experienced. This full list of all sweepstakes casinos will use these coins in one way or another, with it being the common feature that they all share.

    However, before getting started and playing at a casino that uses this model, it is important to fully understand what sweep coins are, how they can be used, and how they can be obtained.

    What are sweep coins?

    As mentioned already, sweep coins are the virtual coins that are unique to sweepstake casinos. Although they are virtual, they should not be confused with cryptocurrency, as they are very different. They do not have any monetary value attached to them, nor are they considered legal tender outside of a sweepstake casino.

    These coins can only be used when on a social casino, with their main purpose to allow players to play their favorite games without risking any real money on them. This reduces any risk that can normally be associated with gambling, thus allowing players to have an enjoyable and entertaining experience with each title that they choose to play.

    How to obtain sweep coins

    If you wish to use a sweepstake casino, it is highly advantageous to understand how to obtain sweep coins. There are numerous ways in which they can be collected, with some being more obvious and easier than others.

    When signing up to a sweepstake casino, you will usually receive an allotted total to begin any gaming session. However, at this stage, a promotional bonus is often offered that allows players to purchase more sweep coins to play with. These can come in various forms, but they often provide a large number, meaning the amount of playing time a player can receive can be greatly increased. Additionally, other methods include logging in daily, purchasing sweep coins through the site’s system, or even through other promotional tools such as newsletters that may be sent to a player’s email address.

    Playing games with sweep coins

    The main purpose of sweep coins is that they are used to play games. They are the virtual currency that allows a player to be able to enjoy the various slots and table options that are available in the same way that real money would. Players can use the currency to make their “bets”, but as they have no monetary value attached to them, they bypass any rules that are against real money wagering and the regulations that surround the gambling laws that are in place.

    Buying prizes with sweep coins

    Sweep coins are not only for playing games, though. They can be used at a sweepstake casino to buy prizes that are on offer. Prizes can range and be extremely varied depending on the social casino and what they decide to make available. They can not be used elsewhere and have to be used in the casino, with cash not redeemable.


    Now that you have an understanding of what sweep coins are and how they are used at a sweepstake casino, the experience that is obtained should be greatly enhanced if you ever decide to use on.

    Remember, they are a unique virtual currency that is exclusive to the casino that is being used, and can not be transferred or redeemed for money. They allow you to play games in the same way real money wagering options allow, but they come without the risk of losing money as they have no value attached to them. There are various ways in which they can be obtained, too, thus allowing players to have enjoyable experiences regularly and often.

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