The London Group Unveils Non-member Exhibitors for 85th Open Exhibition

    The London Group, one of the most esteemed artists’ collectives, announced the selected non-member exhibiting artists for its upcoming 85th Open Exhibition.

    A total of 79 artworks by UK-based artists were selected from over 1,900 entries submitted by more than 1,000 artists.

    Regarding the submissions, exhibition lead Jockel Liess stated, “The quality and scope of the nearly two thousand entries for this year’s London Group Open Call 2023 was both a beautiful and exciting snapshot of the current artistic practice in the UK.”

    “The large variety in media, subject matter and style can only be seen as a reflection of the great and healthy diversity within our striving artistic community. It was a wonderful and interesting privilege to get such a comprehensive insight into the aesthetic as well as socio-political concerns that are raised by and inform artists within their practice today,” Jockel Liess adds.

    The following non-member exhibitors will participate in their 85th Open Exhibition:

    Patricia Adderley, Jemma Appleby, Caroline Ashley, Cash Aspeek, David Aston, Jonathan Armour, Helen Banzhaf, Barr Studio, Nicola Beattie, Barbara Beyer, Jonathan Bower, Julie Brixey-Williams, William J. Brooks, Richard Brooks, Lesley Bunch, Caroline Burgess, Tom Cartmill, Pippa Charlesworth, Sara Choudhrey, Gary Clough, Niamh Collins, Lindsay Connors, Josephine Coy, Shona Davies, David Monaghan and Jon Klein, Emma Davis, Mandeep Dillon, Stathis Dimitriadis, KV Duong, Amanda Egbe, J. G. Fox, Beatrice Galletley, Emilia Gonzalez, Habib Hajallie, Lizzie Hill, Sara Hindhaugh, Catherine Jacobs, Simone Kennedy, Amber Lily, Jason Line, Hywel Livingstone, Kurtiss Lloyd, M. Lohrum, Katherine Lubar, Paula MacArthur, Sara Marshall, Negin Navabi, Esther Neslen, Peter Newell-Price, Iza Nez, Jen Orpin, Brigitte Parusel, Maybelle Peters, Laura Porter, Rosey Prince, Paul Regan, Sabrina Rodrigues, Tracey Rowledge, Loraine Rutt, Aindreas Scholz, Seamus Staunton, Bislacchi, Sayako Sugawara, Christy Symington, Ciana Taylor, Hanna ten Doornkaat, Marcia Teusink, Ania Tomaszewska-Nelson, Henry Tyrrell, Kirsten van Schreven, Fernando Velazquez, Tobias Wilkinson, Stef Will, Mandy Williams, Kate Wilson, Diana Wolzak, Eleanor Wood, Angela Wright, Yang Yumeng, J. Yuen-Ling Chiu.

    The London Group’s 85th Open Exhibition will be open and free to the public at Copeland Gallery, Copeland Park, 133, Rye Lane, SE15 4ST, from Friday the 10th of November to Sunday the 26th of November 2023.

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