Mr Jones Watches Release House Party-themed Watch

    Mr Jones Watches, a prominent artistic watch brand, unveiled its final limited edition watch of the year, inspired by the warmth of winter house parties. 

    Houseparty, launched on Wednesday 1st November, is limited to just 200 pieces and is priced at £245. The watch face depicts a vibrant crowd drinking, talking, and dancing. The watch was designed by Mr Jones Watches’ in-house watch assembly technician, Catarina Morais who is also a London-based illustrator. Houseparty is the first timepiece Morais has created for the brand.

    Catarina has also designed the company’s shop tote bags, Christmas cards and illustrated window displays. She also recently hand-painted a mural inside the Mr Jones Watches’ London store in her signature style. 

    Speaking about the inspiration behind the watch, Catarina said: “This concept of an illustrated house party originated during the pandemic – it came mainly from a place of longing and from being isolated from human connection with many of those I care about. 

    “I was just starting to develop a more personal and consistent artistic style, and the concept of connections and intertwining appealed to me deeply, heightened by the circumstances… Houseparty captures a moment – it’s a relatable scene that brings us all back to our own memories and experiences. The musical notes fly from speaker to speaker as the hours sparkle in the reflections of the disco ball.”

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