Interview: Vintage Culture

    On the heels of releasing his latest single, Vintage Culture, the Brazilian sensation invites us into his creative process behind the track Come Come. This club-ready banger, crafted in collaboration with Tube & Berger and Kyle Pearce, marks another milestone in Vintage Culture’s impressive discography. With a series of singles and an eagerly anticipated debut album on the horizon, Vintage Culture takes a moment to reflect on his musical journey.

    Hi, how are you and how is the music world treating you?

    Great to be here with the Our Culture family. My team and I are currently preparing for a North American tour, so I’m enjoying a few minutes of quiet time with friends, family and of course, Bentin (my Corgi.) Summer is just beginning in Brazil. Here, it’s the calm before the storm.

    Can you take us through the creative process behind Come Come? What drove the collaboration with Tube & Berger and Kyle Pearce, and what inspired the track?

    I wanted to capture the energy and atmosphere of Ibiza and infuse it into our track Come Come. This song was born from a spirit of creativity and collaboration. I believe we’ve created an innovative sonic landscape.

    Tube & Berger are talented producers. I believed blending our sounds would be a musically interesting combination of styles. The collaboration came about very naturally. We are mutual fans of each other’s work. Also, Kyle Pearce is a talented singer with a wide vocal range. I knew that his lyrics would add an essential layer of emotion to the song.

    You’ve had a remarkable year with a string of head-turning singles. How does Come Come fit into the broader narrative of your musical journey and upcoming debut album?

    Even in my more atmospheric, quiet tracks you’ll find there is an edge to the music. Come Come grabs the audience’s attention with the first Kick drum.  We used driving rhythms and solid melodies to create a sense of momentum in the instrumental.  This musical momentum is combined with a sense of quiet desperation which is a common thread through my music. Beneath the surface there is always a sense of urgency to my songs.

    Kyle Pearce’s lyrics are very strong.  Lyrics have always been important to me when working on a top line. For me, the lyrics for a song have to be original and say something in a unique way. These are passionate lyrics with emotional depth. I think they perfectly capture the feeling of wanting something so badly that you’re willing to do anything to achieve it…. something just out of reach.

    The production process and creativity surrounding Come Come was refreshing and inspiring. Each artist was very open to new ideas; And these ideas flowed between the artists freely. Even while we were in different cities we sent each other updates and creative ideas. I also experimented with a variety of sounds and musical textures until I found the perfect combination. I’m particularly drawn to the dark overtones of the track. They add a degree of drama and intensity to the song. I believe this compliments the performance of the vocals.

    My forthcoming debut album will be a culmination of everything I’ve learned and experienced as an artist and a person who has, for all intents and purposes,  grown up in public. I began making music while still in my teens. In a way, the album is about this journey with all its highs and lows. It’s an indescribable feeling to hear the album transform into one cohesive body of work. Curating this sonic experience is a challenge and also very satisfying. Come Come fits perfectly into the narrative of the album. It’s a track that celebrates perseverance within an album whose central theme is about achieving goals, and striving to reach a place of peace in one’s life. We’re all searching for that promised land, too few of us find it.

    Your residency at Hï Ibiza and performances at various festivals have been noteworthy this year. How has your live performance experience influenced your approach to producing music?

    My residency at Hï Ibiza is one of the highlights of my career and is one of the best experiences of my professional life. This iconic Ibiza landmark allows me to curate a unique experience for my fans each week. I’ve made lifelong friends in Ibiza and the audience shares my passion for music. Ibiza has become my second home.

    Do you have a favourite venue you’ve played at?

    I’ve played in so many awesome venues around the world this year that it is a challenge to choose just one. In 2023 Hi Ibiza is definitely at the top of my list. This venue has made me feel completely comfortable and at home during my residency in Ibiza. The staff there have become friends. They are one of the most professional, courteous teams I’ve worked with this year.  I also miss the people at PrintWorks. That was a classic venue.  I’ve had experiences at PrintWorks that I’ll always remember — PrintWorks is another highlight from 2023.

    I’ve met so many great people along the way and I am very grateful.

    Lastly, where do you see yourself within the electronic music industry, and where do you hope to be in the near future?

    What you’ve seen or heard is only a clue to what the future will bring. I’ve only touched the surface of my music production. Each day I’m developing as a songwriter and music producer.  The last few years have been a period of immense artistic growth. I’ve certainly entered the next phase of my career. Reaching my goals is a combination of hard work, a loyal team supporting my creative decisions, and relentless efforts. Never giving up is the key to success. My goal is to create a lasting impact. I want to leave a legacy of great music.

    Stream Come Come by Vintage Culture on Spotify.

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