A Curated List of Online Games for Adults You Will Probably Enjoy Playing

    In the past, gaming was relegated to kid’s play…playing Sonic the Hedgehog or any number of games that were available in the halcyon days of the 90s. However, then came a considerable jump in technological capabilities, and many of those 90s kids grew up with a continuing love of gaming. Now firmly in adulthood and with spare cash to burn, this enthusiasm for gaming certainly hasn’t abated and, in some cases, has even morphed into the realm of more…adult titles that titillate the deepest parts of the human psyche even further! This post is dedicated to providing you with a range of games that might border on the risque to those that are a little more conventional.

    “Adult” games!

    As alluded to in the introduction, some games firmly cross the border between kind of OK for everyone to definitely not let the kids check your Steam account! Because of the proliferation of these games and the fact that they are pretty much an unknown entity to most, it pays to use adult gaming guides to help assist you in determining where to look and what categories are available. Nevertheless, most should be able to find something that matches their predilections and is sure to turn a dull Sunday on your own into something a tad more exciting…

    Live Poker

    This heading specifies poker, but in reality, you can choose any casino game that takes your fancy, with the idea being that you play a live tournament. Why live, you might ask? Well, it adds an extra layer of excitement and involves pitting your wits against other players who also relish the opportunity to beat a random person on the other side of the world! Being able to watch the action unfold live rather than on predetermined animations taps into our innate desire to witness the unpredictable unfold before our eyes. Moreover, combining it with the final option on this list can make the entire experience even more immersive.

    Brain Puzzles

    Who doesn’t love a good puzzle? Well, I suppose some may take every chance to avoid them when reasonably possible, but the vast majority of humans enjoy putting their mental faculties to good use, finding patterns, and solving puzzles. The term “brain games” is pretty ambiguous but can include anything from the usual chess, scrabble, and sudoku to the more modern options like Wordles et al. These games really get you thinking far more than the average FPS ever could, and there are some indications that they are relatively good for your brain health.

    Anything With VR

    VR isn’t new, but it has taken off massively in the past 5-10 years, partly thanks to Meta’s insatiable desire to get as many folks into the metaverse as possible. While that particular dream may have backfired and caused them some short-term stock-related pain, the fact is that VR headsets are ubiquitous, able to connect to a variety of platforms, and are more affordable than you think. When you play a game in virtual reality, you are transported to new worlds and feel far more immersed than you might staring at your PC screen.

    Gaming means many things to many people, but the one thing that connects the thread is that anyone who plays games usually enjoys them. From games on the riskier side of life to exploring exciting locations using VR, the possibilities are endless and you can see just how far VR has come in the adult gaming space with games like virt-a-mate.

    Chris over at cammiesonthefloor did a full breakdown of virt-a-mate, and you can see for yourself just how far adult gaming has come on over the years.

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