Netflix Presents Trailer for ‘The Manny’

    A trailer for Netflix’s upcoming seriesThe Manny, 10 episode drama, provides a glimpse into Jimena’s chaotic yet heartwarming life. When Jimena crosses paths with Gaby, a charming rancher with an unanticipated skill set – the perfect nanny for her three kids – her life takes an unexpected turn. Her world takes an unexpected turn as she balances parenthood, a career, and a strained marriage.

    The Manny promises to deliver a fresh take on conventional gender roles as Gabriel, affectionately known as Gaby, becomes an integral part of Jimena’s life, bringing joy and an unconventional solution to her overwhelming responsibilities. As the two navigate the intricacies of parenting and professional ambition, a surprising love story unfolds, challenging societal norms and celebrating the beauty of unexpected connections.

    The cast and crew of the show includes Carolina Rivera (Writer/Showrunner/Executive Producer), Fernando Sariñana (Showrunner/Producer/Executive Producer), Sebastian Sariñana (Director), María Torres (Director), Magaby García (Director), José Ramón Chávez (Director), Carlos Gonzalez Sariñana (Director), and actors such as Sandra Echeverría (Jimena), Iván Amozurrutia (Gabriel), Diana Bovio (Brenda), José María Torre (Joaquín), Anthony Giuletti (Leo), Alexander Tavizon (Santiago), Cassandra Iturralde (Sofía), Moisés Arizmendi (Rogelio), and Eugenio Montessoro (Ernesto).

    The Manny will be available on Netflix from the 24th of December, 2023.

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