6 Tips For Setting Up Business Wi-Fi

    Setting up a business WiFi is much different from setting up a home wireless network. In a home WiFi network, there are only a few things that you have to consider such as speed and security, but with a business WiFi network, there are so many things that one must consider before setting up a WiFI network. So in this regard, we have discussed the important things for any business WiFi network that must be considered.


    At the top of the list, we have security. The security of a business WiFi network is among the list of top priorities because of the recent increase in cyberattacks. Businesses cannot afford to take a risk and having an unsecure WiFi network makes the way for cybercriminals to access the devices and data on the network. With the right hardware configuration and optimal security settings through, businesses can protect themselves and stay secure.

    Security also includes setting up additional networks for guests and customers so that they can access the internet without getting involved with the primary business network in any way, whatsoever.

    Number of Users

    A business WiFi network is much different from a basic home WiFi network since it has to cater to a huge number of users. Before setting up any business WiFi network, it is important to take into consideration the number of expected users. Whether it is employees, guests, customers, or anyone else, a business WiFi should be able to handle multiple connections simultaneously. Considering the number of users expected will guide the choice of hardware needed for a strong WiFI network.

    Coverage Area

    Along with the number of users, the coverage area is also an important thing for any business WiFi network. Having poor WiFi coverage in the office or workplace can be really frustrating. Poor coverage leads to loss of productivity and inefficiency in the workplace. Therefore, the coverage area of the network should also be considered, as it is an important factor and also determines the required hardware to provide optimal coverage in the desired area.

    Guest Network

    As mentioned, a guest network for guests and customers is also important for businesses. Whenever people or customers visit an office or workplace, they expect to get a free WiFi network. Not being able to provide free WiFi to guests and customers is considered a liability nowadays. For business WiFi networks, it is suggested to have an entirely separate network for guests’ usage to separate them from the primary network. Most routers allow you to set up a separate guest network, different from the main network through

    Number of Access Points or Routers

    The number of access points or routers is important for business WiFi networks too since an ordinary router cannot cover a huge or multi-story office. The number and placement of routers or access points come secondary. The primary thing is to determine the number of access points or routers to ensure that they are adequate enough to provide a reliable and quality internet experience to all the staff members.

    Room for Growth

    Lastly, having room for growth is also necessary for business WiFi networks. Most businesses need to scale their wireless network in a couple of years or so and there should be room for growth available in the business WiFi network so that growth can be done easily. Flexibility in the implementation of a business WiFi network is important to ensure room for growth, as what’s working today might not be an ideal solution in the future.

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