5 Watch Trends That Need to Go in 2024

    The watch community contains individuals who possess unique styles, interests, and preferences. These styles form some dazzling watch collections that are great conversation starters, yet they can also be obnoxious or tacky. To dig deeper, we’ll discuss 5 watch trends that should be going out in 2024.

    Rip-off Builds

    Buying a homage watch is one of the most popular ways of acquiring a similar timepiece to a luxury watch without a hefty budget. There is, however, a clear line between homage and complete rip-off. The watch-build community is rife with people building “fake” watches, inspired mainly by brands like AP, Rolex, and Patek Philippe. These builds typically include gold-plated two-tone Datejusts, Submariner, and the favoured Patek Philippe Nautilus.

    Overcrowded dials

    Even though style is subjective, some design aspects should be kept simpler. From skeleton to cartoon dials, it can sometimes get too much with an overload of information on a dial. Watch designs, while they should be original, shouldn’t sacrifice the beauty of their dial for function or silly gimmicks.

    Oversized Watches

    Size in the world of horology matters. That goes both ways: too small as well as too large. Now, all watches suit a specific person, and as we all know, our wrists are different sizes, making certain watches more suitable for particular demographics. However, the trend growing from the early 2000s to build bigger watches must stop. Although 41mm is admirable, smaller watches around 36mm are perfectly acceptable.

    Poorly Aligned Collaborations

    This one is specific to the marketing teams at watch companies. Please stop picking out your brand ambassadors with a random celebrity generator. While great marketing is sparse among watchmakers, we can do better than Z-list athletes and actors to promote a timepiece that simply doesn’t in the slightest of form integrate with the core values or the company’s history.

    Gold-plated Watches

    Gold-plated watches don’t belong on your wrist. While a harsh stance, they don’t hold value like gold, wear off quicker, and are inconsistent in quality. Typically, gold-plated watches are standard in cheap homage timepieces and certain big-brand vintage watches.

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