Are Two-Tone Watches in Style 2024?

    Two-tone watches are an excellent selection for people looking for a luxury timepiece with added character and flashiness. Initially, they became established in the 1920s as the Art Deco style became prominent in the world of luxury. Many years later, the ’80s also greatly loved the two-tone style. But are they considered stylish in 2024?

    From a fashion standpoint, Metallics have hit big in the Spring/Summer of 2024 among designers, even though they never seem to leave the spotlight. While watches aren’t precisely clothing, they show that current trends don’t disregard metals. Two-tone watches can make great for formal and business events; however, they are seen by some as a little too flashy for daily wear.

    By looking at pricing, demand can be established for two-tone watches. According to Chrono24,, the Rolex Datejust Two Tone (126331) has increased in resell price. It stood at £11,544 in October 2021 and in 2023 went up to £13,039. On the other hand, according to data by WatchCharts, the 16013 Datejust two-tone model shows a ball figure of £12,500 in October of 2023. While the data is promising, we should mention that the Rolex Datejust is the crucial watch in the Rolex stable and generally increases in price over time.

    Final Thoughts

    Two-tone watches are a stunning trend, reminding us of ’80s Wall Street and the early days of Art Deco, even with watch brands like Frederique Constant and Cartier showing love for the style. While they are an acquired taste and may not appeal to everyone, they can make for a worthy investment if you buy a Rolex, though we don’t recommend buying them for that reason alone.

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