12 Best Quotes from Cocaine Bear (2023)

    A dark humour drama film, Cocaine Bear is based on a 1985 true story about a drug runner’s plane crash, missing cocaine and a black bear that ate it. After unintentionally ingesting cocaine, the bear goes on a murderous rampage that starts one of the craziest stories ever told.

    Here are the most memorable quotes from Cocaine Bear.

    1. Bob: The bear… it loves coke!
    2. Olaf (Kristoffer): When I first saw you, I thought “I would like to make a Baby with this person”.
    3. Kid (Stache): It’s like cocaine Christmas.
    4. Peter: Nothing can distract me from making sure the entire biological community is safe for all our friends. Sari: Friends? Ranger Liz: He means animals. Peter: I don’t like that word. Ranger Liz: He doesn’t like to call them animals.
    5. Tom: What happened to feminism, huh? Is that dead?
    6. Sari: Were you attacked? Olaf (Kristoffer): Devil bear.
    7. Ranger Liz: Leave him!
    8. Scandal: Run, run, run away! It’s your heart that you betray. Lead me on with those hungry eyes. I know you’re not so Civilized. When isn’t Love Primitive? A wild gift that you wanna give. Break out of Captivity…
    9. Bob: Stress causes cancer!
    10. Tom: Shoot it! Shoot it! Damn it, not the tree, the big fucking bear!
    11. Bear: ROWR!
    12. Eddie: The bear is a girl. Kid (Stache): Oh, and how the hell do you know that? Eddie: Because it’s vagina is on my ear.
    Abbie Wilson
    Abbie Wilson
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