How to Make Your Pictures Pop

    We humans take around a trillion photos every year, and that’s not including the ones that they were keeping in their private collection. While not every single picture that’s ever taken by people on their phones or on their cameras is worthy of being posted on their social media, that’s still a staggering number of photos. And we take more and more pictures so that we can make memories, capture those memories, and have something to look back on.

    Did you know that social media sites like Instagram share a whopping 1.3 billion images per day? That’s a lot of visual marketing if you’re a business, and a lot of personal reflection if you are just posting for yourself. Understanding why you should be applying a vibrant filter to my mountain climbing photo may go over your head initially, but if you start to gain a serious interest in photography then you’re going to learn very quickly exactly why filters and covers are an excellent choice. Let’s take a look at some excellent tips to make your pictures pop.

    • Always make the focus of your image off center. It may sound like a ridiculous idea, but most photographers understand the rule of thirds. When deciding on a composition of a photo, the rule encourages you to make the focused point of your image off center so that you can create a more balanced view. This allows for more visual appeal as an off center point works better to draw in the eye and get people talking about your images.
    • Play around with angles. A great way to make your pictures pop is to play around with different angles. Take a range of photographs of what you are choosing to subject and move around. Capture it from top to bottom, the left, the right, even upside down. Not only will you have more flexibility when you choose the end result to post online, you’ll be able to hone your skill and figure out how you can take more balanced and better pictures as a result.
    • Give it a human element. Social media photos that show a lone figure going around the globe and discovering new things is exciting., but it’s more exciting to see people in pictures than it is just to see landscapes. Don’t forget the filters though, because you may want to make it black and white to really pop.
    • Not every picture needs a close up shot. It can feel quite claustrophobic to have every single photo as a close up. You want to draw the eye in, so use the negative space in a positive way. The odd close up works really well for certain subjects, but you really do need to think about how negative space can be worked as well.

    All taking pictures that pop will take some time and you may end up discovering a great skill that you didn’t know you had.If you have a passion for photography, it’s definitely something you can do now to make your pictures pop and Start learning.

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