8 Memorable Quotes from Being the Ricardos (2021)

    The biographical drama film Being the Ricardo’s (2021) focuses on Lucille Ball’s relationship with Desi Arnaz as they face personal and professional struggles that threaten their careers, their relationship, and their groundbreaking television show, “I Love Lucy.” This movie reveals the complexities of the couple’s relationship, the pressure of maintaining their successful TV show, and the scrutiny they face due to political and personal issues.

    The film Being the Ricardos (2021) was written and directed by Aaron Sorkin and stars Nicole Kidman, Javier Bardem, Jake Lacy, J.K. Simmons, Nina Arianda, Tony Hale, and Alia Shawkat. It was released in December of 2021. With its “spitfire dialogue” added to it, as well as the perfect deep character study performance, this film is fascinating and fun to watch.

    1. Lucille Ball: You know, I did this show so Desi and I could be together. I had no idea it was going to be a hit.
    2. William Frawley: The less you talk, the more things you hear.
    3. Lucille Ball: Got to give me credit. When I lie, I give it up pretty quick.”
    4. Lucille Ball [to Vivian]: Look, we’ve made 37 episodes. You do 37 of anything, one of them’s gonna be your 37th best.
    5. Lucille Ball: I’m hazing you a little. It’s just my way of saying I have no confidence in you at all.
    6. Lucille Ball: My entire relationship with Communism is, 20 years ago, I checked a box.
    7. Lucille Ball: I’m not a Communist, I’ve never been a Communist, but technically, yeah, I am.
    8. Lucille Ball: I am the biggest asset in the portfolio of the Columbia Broadcasting System. The biggest asset in the portfolio of Philip Morris Tobacco, Westinghouse. I get paid a fortune to do exactly what I love doing. I work side by side with my husband, who’s genuinely impressed by me. And all I have to do to keep it is kill every week for thirty-six weeks in a row. And then do it again the next year.
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