Hauser & Wirth to Present ‘DRIVE’ by Jason Rhoades

    Hauser & Wirth Los Angeles will be exploring the art of explores the art of Jason Rhoades through the lens of cars and car culture. The exhibition, DRIVE, will run from the 27th of February until the 14th of January 2024. The exhibition will evolve over the year, featuring thematic iterations and an evolving display of Rhoades’ sculptures, drawings, videos, and multiples, complemented by archival materials, public programs, and contemporary perspectives.

    This unfolding exhibition will include several stages:

    • Opening Exhibit – Exploration of cars as symbols of art history, class identifiers, and environments of control.
    • April Exhibit – Highlights Rhoades’ strategic transactions involving symbolic value, such as trading the Caprice for a Ferrari.
    • Summer Exhibit – Shifts focus to The Racetrack, showcasing half-scale NASCAR-style cars, custom jackets, and painted tyre barriers from ‘The Snowball.’
    • September Exhibit – Covers the final stretch of ‘DRIVE’ with framed works on paper and a central sculptural installation.

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